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Councilman Mike Bonin’s Newsletter Says He Will Not Support the Glencoe-Maxella Development as Planned

Yesterday, developers released their draft environmental document for the proposed Paseo Marina project located at Glencoe and Maxella Avenues in Del Rey. A local blog erroneously reported that the massive development would break ground next year.


I do not support the current Paseo Marina proposal, and will not approve the zone change and other entitlements they seek.

While I would welcome additional housing at the Marina Marketplace location, at nearly 700 units, the current project is drastically over-sized, would significantly increase traffic congestion, and would destroy a walkable neighborhood known and appreciated for having amenities nearby. The project is proposing to eliminate the vast majority of restaurants and shops that locals rely on, forcing thousands of people to hop in their car for basic services they currently walk to.

Moreover, the impact on traffic on Lincoln Boulevard, near the end of the 90 Freeway and in a corridor connecting Venice and Del Rey with Westchester and Playa del Rey, would be severe. Voters have approved funding for Bus Rapid Transit on Lincoln Boulevard, but completion is years away, and service would be insufficient to accommodate the demand created by this project.

The zone change being sought is particularly inappropriate given that the City recently launched an update of the neighborhood’s Community Plan, which will be its zoning and development blueprint for the next decade. The Community Plan Update process is an opportunity to take a holistic look at where we should put new housing and commercial opportunities. Rezoning an over six-acre site to allow for a mixed-use development in the middle of that process is wrong and counter-intuitive, and I will not approve it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah…once again this isn’t me. Reta…why do you continue to let this kind of charlatan bs happen?

  2. Anonymous

    Bonin is still smoking meth

  3. Bad Idea Bonin

    Bonin only approves of bum housing in the middle of residential neighborhoods near schools. Developers need to go back to the drawing board and reinvent it as a homeless shelter to attract out-of-town vagrants. Bonin will rubberstamp it in no time.

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