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St. Joseph’s Staff Meets with Community

Attorney for St. Joseph Center Emily Haws, Tifara Monroe, vice president of operations, and Courtney Kanagi, vice president of programs met with members of the community Wednesday evening to discuss conditions governing the Center and the community. According to conditions established when the project was approved, a meeting has to be held every six months.

The one thing that was established this meeting was that St. Joseph Center was to clean both sides of the street surrounding St. Joseph Center and the alley. St. Joseph has hired someone and cleaning is done once a day but the community is not happy with the results. Last meeting, it was established that cleaning only happened during the week. The cleaner does wear gloves now as suggested by the community. Much of the discussion centered around feces that has remained and never removed. It was obvious that the members of St. Joseph do not takes feces as seriously as do some members of the community.

Rick Swinger, who is an anti-dumping advocate in the neighborhood, pointed out that the one feces in question was near a school and that the washing of feces down the drain goes directly to the Venice Beach. He brought up the facts regarding Hepatitis A and Ecoli and childrens’ lack of a proper immune system.

Another sore spot was the reporting of incidents. It was stated that someone answers the phone during working hours, but after hours, it would be a recording. Rick Swinger asked for a copy of the log. Most members of the community got the personal number for the man in charge of the cleaning crew.

It was brought up that the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) was notified and the residents within 100 feet were also notified of the meeting. Jamie Page, who is a member of the VNC and lives within 100 feet, was never notified she said. That was going to be looked into.

Barbara Gibson brought up that the culinary kitchen was used to prepare food for a fund raiser for Mayor Eric Garcetti. This was not true according to members of St. Joseph staff. They said it was Bread and Roses who prepared the meals. The culinary kitchen on the St. Joseph premises is, by conditions, to be used only for teaching.

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  1. Anonymous

    St Joseph’s is ruining Venice and they don’t care because they are politically bought.

  2. Venice has spoken

    Class action lawsuit needs to be filled period to chase these MFers out of Venice

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