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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 2 March

Venice Update was told that if this sign shown above were displayed so that people could see it from the sidewalk, violators on the private property , including the landscaped area (area between fence and sidewalk) could be removed. This would eliminate all trespassers around Farmers’ Market– North and South Venice Blvd and Ocean Ave.

Right now the sign faces the parking lot, the Farmers’ Market, and excludes the landscaped area. Update was told  the sign needs to be turned or another sign posted. The area between the wall and the sidewalk (landscaped area) is private property too, which should have a “no trespass” area sign. The sidewalk is governed by LAMC 41.18(a),(d).

Note:  A question arises from this statement.  The Farmers’ Market and the landscaping area are private property owned by the City.  Does this mean that all homeowners, all commercial property owners should have signs stating “No Trespassing” at the front of their properties? What kind of world is being established before our very eyes?  Update assumes the City is rushing the proper signs.

Both pictures above are of Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd. The BID Clean Team is cleaning up part of the mess.

A few of the vans and cars on North Venice Blvd are still there. One can tell the police have been after them. The one van with a lot of junk on it is still there.

Note:  It was told to the Venice Update that the brown van had not been moved for several weeks or ticketed because vehicle identification number cannot be found.  Update is sure the law is that one cannot have an unregistered motor vehicle (no VIN) on the road.  The police have been queried regarding this situation.

The blue van buys bottles and cans from people.  Update was told that when the recycle people arrive, so do the drug dealers because the cash from bottles can be put immediately into the purchase of drugs. That is efficiency.

The bad news is that 7th Ave just north of Rose has repopulated and the crowd is spreading debris and is disruptive. They are definitely not ADA compliant. This is behind Whole Foods and across the street from a residential area.

Penmar Park has a few more tents.

A new encampment in an alley behind Deux Ex Machina Emporium of Post at the northeast corner of Venice and Lincoln Blvd was reported to Venice Update. The tenters there said if they had a place to put the debris, they would clean it up themselves. According to the SLO Adrian Acosta, Sanitation has been notified. A story was written about it this week.

Also what is noticeable is that people are storing their stuff between planters on Sunset and Fourth. Whether they are sleeping there is not known.

(Courtesy of Sir Anthony.)
Hampton Drive, south of Rose,  is about the same except notice the second photo shows that a chain has been bolted to the sidewalk to secure the tent. Also note in the photo there is a propane or something type stove.

Note:  LAMC 56.11 states:

No Person shall erect any barrier against or lay string or join any wires, ropes, chains or otherwise attach any Personal Property to any Public Property, including but not limited, to a building or portion or protrusion thereof, fence, bus shelter, trash can, mail box, pole, bench, newsrack, sign, tree, bush, shrub or plant, without the City’s prior written consent. No Person shall erect any barrier against or lay string or joinany wires, ropes, chains or otherwise attach any Personal Property to any private property in such a manner as to create an obstruction on or across any Street or area where the public may be expected to travel.

There should be a fire code law regarding the stove.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, on both the west and east sides were clean and clear.

Venice Blvd at Dell still has an encampment on the parking median.

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