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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 22 February

Totally different attitude among the homeless this week. Perhaps, because it was sunny and no immediate threat of rain. Consistently, the people encountered were kind and thoughtful of their surrounding neighbors, They were the people one would want to help. None looked or acted like he was on alcohol or drugs. They looked like they were worthy of proper lodging. What a difference.  Maybe the bums are moving on??

The sites have changed so much since the weekly Encampment Updates started.  You read about the Grand Canal.  That is over.  Hampton, north of Rose, was a disaster.  7th Ave, north of Rose was another disaster.  Penmar Park, area west of it, was unbelievable as was the alley adjacent to it.  Today there was a different sidewalk encampment in Venice.  Let’s hope it lasts.

Grand Canal area at Venice Median is free of any encampments and has been since the BID team took over. Lady at the old post office on Windward is still there. She keeps collecting things. The nasty lady on Main with the two pit bulls left area, came back, and was gone Friday. It wasn not just her; there were several with her. Would not want to walk my kids past her in the morning to go to school.

South Venice Blvd at Dell still has an encampment.


Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd is growing. There is also one on North Venice Blvd near Ocean. One at the apex and then the camouflaged area looks like wood will be added for some reason. (Photos are terrible.  Sorry.)

The van row on North Venice Blvd is growing. It looks like police have been there and talked to them about being capable of moving their vehicles. Much of the stuff on top of the cars and vans were removed. Vehicles on the road have to be capable of being moved. One commenter on the VeniceUpdate.com said this was all they had, etc. If it is all they have, then they should be even more concerned about abiding by the law and being considerate of their neighbors — cleaning up after themselves. One can be homeless and clean and thoughtful. All that stuff all over the cars and vans is unsightly and unnecessary and makes the vehicle unmovable. One van was an exception.

4th Street between Sunset and Vernon looks about the same.

Noticed someone was storing stuff between the planters on Sunset at 3rd.

Hampton south of Rose was about the same.

Hampton north of Rose on west side was totally cleared for cleaning. Mary was sitting across the street waiting for the cleaning to be over. Mary has been here in Venice a year and a half from Ohio and Florida. She said they clean the west side of the street every day with water and bleach and she really appreciates it. Two other fellows in her area she said had been there many years, one 10 years and one 6 years. She said there were about 10 camp sites. The one guy who messed up the east side when they were all on the east side is gone she said. No one knows where.

7th, north of Rose has repopulated with a different crowd, apparently there are those who do drugs but not to the extent of what was. There are about 15 to 20 tented camp sites.  Jerome was sweeping the street. A fellow from Whole Foods comes and picks up what Jerome sweeps up. One lady said a 66-year-old camper was waiting for the bathroom at Whole Foods this morning when a guy who was shooting up came out and hit him. May have been Charlie of last week who got hit.. At the end of the street was Shogun. Shogun goes from New York and Miami to California. He had just gotten back from Newport Beach area. He isn’t looking for housing, he said. Last time in Venice he was on 3rd.  He is a delightful camper to talk with.

Penmar Park, area west of the park, only has three campsites. One is most elaborate. The gal and guy who live there were asked if they would accept housing. They said not likely because they wouldn’t give housing to the two of them. They want to live together and they have a dog.  The mess in the front of the photo is debris that they picked up around the site.  Site is totally different than it was before Sanitation took a liking to the area.

Comments (5)

  1. sheri magid

    Are the police aware of all the encampmemts you listed? Not sure why the tiki room between North and South Venice is stll there…

  2. Jingles

    Maybe create a separate update for all the bum RV’s; i.e., Rose along Penmar golf course. Bum RV’s are as bad as the encampments. They take up several parking spaces with their busted-down campers, dump raw sewage wherever, and ignore no-parking signs (which aren’t enforced anyway).

  3. Bob Douglas

    Will Hawkins get busy and honor the commimit you made to end homelessness. You certainly got the donations to handle the problem. So stop the whining and handle your business Will.

    • Will Hawkins

      Yes! And our volunteer work continues to get done everyday to help the most vulnerable into housing and reducing homelessness the best way our community run charity is positioned to….through Reunification and Rent Relief.

      Make sure y’all try to attend the next community mixer hosted by Chamber of Hope on March 19th!


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