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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Under the 405 Freeway on Venice Blvd, Two Jurisdictions

Rick Swinger, local activist, took these two photos of Venice Blvd under the 405 Freeway. One is the north side of Venice Blvd that is in Los Angeles and the other is the south side of Venice Blvd that is in Culver City.
North Side, Los Angeles Jurisdiction

South Side, Culver City Jurisdiction

Comments (5)

  1. marcelo mendez

    This is just another useless over paid councilman. They pluck these nobodies off the streets and expect them to change things around, good luck with that…they’re all phonies, including Garcetti.

  2. Welcome to Boninville

    Looks like Venice doesn’t have a homeless problem We have a Bonin problem

  3. john Ryan

    I’m always reminded of how incompetent Bonin is when I go down Venice Blvd at the 405. Not only is that campground a health hazard, there have been two shootings, and God knows what else.
    Still some people think he’s doing a good job as councilman. Like Garcetti he will be remembered as a failure, just like Rosendahl.

  4. Boninville

    One side is the corruption of Boninville and the other side is Culver city where Bonin’s corruption can’t touch.

    • Anonymous

      Mike Bonin is a joke. He’s gonna run for mayor and we have to stop him, he’s a total liar and a former crystal meth addict (look it up).

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