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Wire Tap Charges Phones on 3rd for Homeless

(All photos courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Rick Swinger reported this electrical tap the homeless had made at Gold’s Gym parking lot on 3rd last Wednesday. Swinger reported it to the Clean Team of the BID and to Gold’s Gym. Today, two days later, he saw the above string of wires hooked into the tap. Gold’s Gym was charging all the homeless phones on 3rd. He told Gold’s Gym again, wire tap was removed, and a lock was put on the box.

Comments (4)

  1. John Robertson

    Bums stealing “Shocking”

  2. Anonymous

    And now with the Green Plan from Ocasio-Cortez and Dems, these bums will get a “living wage” even though they are “unwilling to work”.

    SERIOUSLY, why would they ever work. And Gov Newsom has promised any poor person under age 26 free Medical healthcare JUST for showing up in California, EVEN IF THEY’RE undocumented. SO Newsom follows the Mike Bonin “built it and they will come” model of handout. CA will go broke in 5 to 10 years. NIce going. The WORLD’s poor transients will all now come to CA. It pains me to say it, but this WILL KILL the California dream. Nice going guys, your misguided bleeding heart sympathies have destroyed CA.

  3. john Ryan

    Obama set up a program that gives free cell phones at no cost and unlimited data service. The City of Los Angeles gives the bums a month check and they get food stamps. Why work!!!!

  4. Peter Pan

    Progress! But how exactly do bums get cell phones in the first place, and how do they pay monthly bills? Like all the bikes piled up in bum encampments, one presumes they steal the phones too.

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