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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 15 February

It is a pleasure to go to most of the campsites because the rain has washed away the debris and the streets in Venice look clean. Tents are lined up and for the most part there is little debris outside to clutter up the scene. Today one could see the beginning of kicking the trash to the curb and throwing the trash out the window. That is what one day without rain will do.

Rain has gotten the campers anxious. They came to California to get away from bad weather and sun and fun at the great California beach. Rain has dampened their game plan. Hampton, north of Rose, on the west side is growing as is 7th Ave while Penmar Park is decreasing.

And by the way, it is always a pleasure to drive by Staples, Harrison, Harding, Lake and a few others to see them clean and remember what they once were.

When driving by Sunset Friday morning, I watched a lady who didn’t look like she belonged on the street but only her head was visible. She was definitely having a drug reaction. Her hair was well combed, she had earrings on, and possibly lipstick. I saw Officer Kristan Delatori looking at her so I moved on. Later in the day, Rick Swinger called to say that there was this gal who was going to take her clothes off. Rick talked her out of it and sent me a picture of her. He was trying to get police to pick her up. It was the same gal. One wonders if she was given something and her escort did not like her reaction so he dumped her off in Venice. She was definitely the poster girl for “Say No to Drugs.”

North Venice Blvd at Dell has a new encampment.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd has a new one right next to Farmer’s Market sign. To the North of that is the guy who has been spreading out on Ocean but has now camouflaged his total encampment.

North Venice Blvd, west of Ocean, is the row of “ugly vans.” The white car and the brown van below do not belong on the road. They are inoperable in that they are not movable in the state they are and there are laws addressing this. These are the same laws of the road that protect citizens from someone who drops a trailer on a street. All vehicles must be capable of being moved. Call your local senior lead officer and tell him to get rid of that junk … probably a health hazard too.

Lady at the post office sits concealed in her chair with her stuff neatly surrounding her.
The encampment at Main seems smaller. The one gal came out and yelled. She is not nice and has two pit bulls. With an attitude like she has, she needs two pit bulls. Approach with caution.

Fourth between Sunset and Flower looks about the same. It was added last week as a place to watch.

Hampton, south of Rose, may have lost one or two tents but is still there. David Busch stays on the west side of the street awaiting his day in court for having his tent up when it should not have been. All tents can remain up when it is raining.

Hampton, north of Rose on the west side, is growing in front of the commercial. Rick Swinger has been calling St. Joseph Center and asking them to clean that side of the street. There is debris and some are using it for a bathroom. The feces is piling up. St. Joseph’s Center is suppose to keep the perimeter clean as part of their conditions of approval.

7th Ave is repopulating, not with the same people, but with new ones. Charlie came out of his tent upset, but when he found out no one wanted to fight with him, we had a wonderful conversation. He said the way to fix all this is to get rid of the liberals and enforce the laws. “Homelessness can be fixed by putting the mentals in hospitals and then make all the rest go to rehab,” he said. Charlie is from Durango, Colorado and is here only for the winter. He said on 7th the meth people live on the north end of the block and the older ones live on the south end of the block. He also told me that meth people have to be tearing up stuff and that is why you have these campsites that look like someone took the grinder to everything. One learns something every day. There was a car across the street and he said someone lived in it and “just throws his stuff out of the car.” That must be nice for the resident to have that parked in front of his house.

Penmar Park, western edge, is so much better than it was. Because of the rains some are leaving. Since Sanitation was there to clean up the debris and the alley debris, some may not feel at home and have decided to move on but there are fewer sites. The one site that had no room service left and someone cleaned up part of the site.

Comments (14)

  1. Linda Tucks

    Hopeless Hawkins has to troll granny bloggs with this corrupt nonsense.

  2. Reta. your censorship is an unprofessional as your editing and wriing abilies. You had that real old person stank but i was polite.
    you didn’t like my cologne.
    you kmow about Harris’ crimes; and are q huge fake,
    which is why you are so sparingly visited,
    and scantily respected/ i chqnged cologne.
    your odor is more organic.
    Better check all the parts, something’s rotted out girl.

  3. Will Hawkins

    Hey Bob…according to the latest LAHSA Homeless Count report LA is actually seeing a reduction of homelessness thanks to programs like mine that help people get off the street and into housing.


    • Bob Douglas

      Will Hawkins have you no shame Venice homelessness has increased under your watchful eye. Self-promotional and taking bows Will is not what Venice residents need to hear from you.

      • Will Hawkins

        Once again you have your facts wrong. First off.. LAHSA reported an 18% reduction in homelessness in Venice in 2017 and Over that time period we helped over 30 people into housing.

        Defending myself from your attacks on my character and reputation is far from taking a bow. But since we’re talking about it…just this week we helped another person into the SHARE LA housing system who’s been living in encampment on 3rd/Rose for the last six months. And next week we’re working with the West LA VA to reunite a veteran with their family back in Mississippi.

        This is a volunteer effort funded by neighbors that regardless of the misinformation you publish here has continued to help people off the street and reduce homelessness in our community..and that all has been done with private funds and at no cost to taxpayers.

        I certainly can’t count on you to help promote the volunteer work being done here to improve Venice… so I’ll just have to continue to correct your nonsensical viritol with corroborated facts.


  4. Chris

    I find it terrible that u are encouraging ppl to call and have ppls cars and vans towed. Tjat could be all they have in this world. The homeless do not come to create havoc but to escape harsh temperatures where wed otherwise die. Not all of us are drug addicted litter bugs.

    • Billy Victor Smythe

      You’re from Tennessee. You should go back to where you came from. And that goes for all the other “homeless” people around here who are from out-of-state. You are just making a bad situation worse.

    • Anonymous

      Chris: Let’s face it, your sympathies are misplaced.

      The factual reality is that the vast majority of these RV dwellers are here for the beach and the drug scene. There’s so many other places to go, but they’re trying to get free beach living and ride on the coattail of folks that pay a ton of property taxes and high rents and mortgages to live here and raise their families with children.

  5. Sarah dannelley

    Where do you want them to go?? Everyone says “not in my neighborhood” and no one wants a homeless shelter, yet you’re all happy enough to take all these photos! GIVE THEM A PLACE TO GO AND you WONT HAVE TO STEP OVER THEM WHEN you LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!!! Come on!!

    • Ladybug Jensen

      L.A. doesn’t need to build a bunch of new housing to house peopole who are ending up on the streets here due to the high trents. What it needs to do is get out of the way of the Federal Govt. and let ICE do its job. We have 1,000,000 illegal immigrants living here in L.A. That’s why we have a housing shortage. And the housing shortage is why you cannot find an apartment anywhere in the entire city of Los Angeles these days that isn’t at least 1500 a month. We very simply do not have the room to take in all of these illegal immigrants from all over the world who do not give a s** about this country and are only here because liberals are too afraid to do the right thing and start deporting them back to their own countries. White liberals in this country need to wake the hell up. This country is being taken over by illegal immigrants and anti-semitic Muslims. And they’re doing it with absolutely no resistance because the left are all a bunch of sniveling cowards who are too afraid to fight back.

  6. Bob Douglas

    Looks like Will Hawkins is doing his job of reuniting the homeless with Venice residents. But of course he doesn’t get paid LOL LOL LOL

    • Will Hawkins

      It’s not a job and I don’t get paid. That’s kinda how volunteering works.

      • Bob Douglas

        Will Hawkins the homeless problem is getting a lot worse under your watch.

        • Will Hawkins

          Well…if you look at the last LAHSA Homeless Count report released in 2018 you’ll see that there was an 18% reduction in homelessness in venice…which also happens to be during the same period that our volunteer,community funded reunification effort helped over 30 people off the street. Coincidence?

          I understand your frustration,, but I think it’s misdirected. I’m just a volunteer who helps out when and where I can. So, you might wanna reach out to the elected officials who actually to do this kind of work.


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