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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Update Proposes a Home Owner’s Bill of Rights Regarding Homeless

A resident, home owner or resident tenant, should be able to obtain an account of who lives in that tent in front of his house, across the street, in the alley. There is no law known to this writer that prevents such. Perhaps, the police could accompany one to obtain this data. Your address allows public documents to be available so everyone knows who lives in your house and goodness knows what else. Residents have a right to know who the other guy is too.

One would just like to know the name, approximate age, what state or country person is from, why he/she chose Venice? How long he plans to stay. Does he want a job. Does he have a record and for what? What is his purpose for being here. How long he has been an addict. His addiction of choice. Or what kind of rehab he was in and how long he has been out. Does he need medical help. Someone to call in case of an emergency. The CES (coordinated entry system) people ask more intimate questions.

One has a right to know in order to protect himself, his children, his animals, his possessions, his property. These would be just a few little notes to assure the person who has his life savings and loved ones in the structure inside that they are safe and secure as well as his property. One does have the right to protect himself and his family. Don’t think it is too much to ask.

This data would not be for public consumption but for the people in close proximity to the encampment. Am sure the homeless guy sizes up the area, gets a mental picture of what is across the street from him. Homeless guy already knows what the laws are here and that is why he came here. (For example: A couple of redneck beer parties on the front lawn with a hefty, group might discourage some homeless from settling down in that area.)

Also a security deposit for cleanup on that space is necessary to assure the neighbors that it will be cleaned so neighbors are free of any possible infirmity of disposing of the trash and the time consumed in doing such.

There should be a curfew imposed also. Most homeless like to sleep during the day and party at night. This is unacceptable to those who have the opposite schedule. Something should be worked out.

Yes, this is a bill of rights for those who own in proximity to what the City allows on their street. These rights, if adhered to, would promote a cleaner and safer neighborhood with more understanding, perhaps more empathy, and probably more harmony.

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  1. Nick Jones

    This the reason why I voted for Donald Trump. Venice really need a man like Trump to fix the fake homeless problem in Venice.

  2. Anonymous

    To Peter Russell’s point, Garcetti and Bonin have already set up a program to house a homeless family on our OWN PROPERTY in a granny flat. They offer a loan forgiveness to build the flat and rent it to a homeless family. They forget to mention that you’ll NEVER get them off your property once you do that (they’ll sue and ACLU will get Newsom to pass a law protecting those families). Oops, you just lost your private property rights with that Trojan Horse Garcetti/Bonin plan. It’s an insidious and coercive unconstitutional taking of private property.

    If they could

  3. Peter Russell

    Good luck, the ACLU will be all over this proposal. Don’t we get it, the bums have more rights to camp and defecate in front of our houses than we have a right to live there? Our job is to pay taxes and shut up. In fact, we’re lucky Bonin and his progressive buddies at City Hall don’t force us to house their beloved bums near our houses and schools in pop-up housing. Oh, never mind, too late on that one.

    • Anonymous

      Its a joke. Our kids will eventually be kicked out of Westminster Elementary because they need the space for the homeless. Socialism got amuck. Watch folks keep moving out of CA. We’re losing residents every year because of this nonsense.

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