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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Westminster Senior Center Not to be Used for Homeless Storage

Venice Kids Count is settling their suit with the City. The City will not be converting the Westminster Senior Center into a storage facility for homeless.

Spokesman for Venice Kids Count said “The agreement outlines that should the City decide to reverse their direction and move forward to convert the Senior Center, they will notify us in writing 60 days prior and we can then immediately revive our legal effort. We have agreed to essentially put our lawsuit on hold.”

Councilman Mike Bonin has announced to the group that the Senior Center will be used for recovery meetings hosted by the Venice Recovery Center. Venice Recovery Center was on Lincoln Blvd.

Spokesman for Venice Kids Count stated that the group hopes the Westminster Senior Center will be used by community organizations, such as arts groups, civic groups, hobby groups, senior groups, etc so the park will be a positive presence in Venice.

Comments (3)

  1. Elissa

    The dog park, outside the fenced area, is a homeless social hub regardless. There’s cigarette and pot smoke intense enough to flood neighboring windows , hours of loud music, fights, a recent overdose death, a man who recreationally screams obscenities around the clock and parking is extremely difficult due to the permanent vans and RVs. The sidewalk in front is consumed by tent/shanty structures.

  2. Bum be gone

    Well, since it’s a religious recovery center. That is like having bum repellent.

  3. Heidi Roberts

    This report is inaccurate. The suit Venice Kids Count brought forward is NOT yet settled. I am one of the named Plaintiffs and we are in negotiations to potentially reach a settlement and are hopeful that we will be able to reach this agreement. And while I do not speak on behalf of the group for anything other than the very specific legal issues in the case, I am personally thrilled to see that the CIty is planning to use the Westminster Senior Center for public good and hope they’ll be receptive to hosting more community groups to make sure the park is positive influence in the broader community.

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