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Activist Upset Mar Vista Gets Rat-Proof Trash Cans, Not Venice

(Courtesy of Mike Bonin’s Newsletter.)

Councilman Mike Bonin’s announcement of putting new trash cans on Venice Blvd between Inglewood and Beethoven made Venice activist and resident Rick Swinger yell that “Venice needs them … Venice is the one that needs the rat-proof trash cans,” he said.

Swinger who has advocated for rat-proof trash cans for Venice couldn’t believe the Councilman’s announcement. Swinger even has gotten Mayor Eric Garcetti to agree that Venice needs rat-proof trash cans.

“We got new trash cans for 3rd but they were wire and acted like ‘rat feeders,'”he said. Then they lined them with plastic. Since that time the Clean team from the BID has been cleaning up 3rd and emptying the trash daily. One team member said they had not noticed rat infestation around the trash cans.

He has tried to get Public Storage on 3rd Ave to fumigate their building. He supplies the Venice Update with weekly photos of rat feces around trash cans on 3rd and the beach and rats bravely looking for food during the daylight.

“Perhaps, the deputy district attorney who contracted typhus will shine a light on the significance of this rat infestation that Venice has,” said Swinger.

(All photos courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

“People dump food in Venice for the homeless and leave it,” he said “It provides rats a feast and the food lingers for days.” So Swinger has also advocated for no dumping.

“We need the rat-proof trash cans in Venice.

The first two trash cans are rat-proof and on Venice Beach but there are few of these cans. The metal one is almost extinct because it is so broken.

The third is the most prevalent one at the beach and one can tell it is not rat proof.

This is the one used on 3rd Ave now with plastic inserts.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Bob Thanks for all this credit but really LA Weekly put it out there on their cover and they have way more readers than I have. You are getting confused on these two diseases. MRSA you can catch by walking your dog around skid row type of conditions and not cleaning your feet and your pets before walking inside your house. Hepatitis A is where you should wash your hands before eating because its a fecal to mouth transmission. All you have to do is look when the City sanitation cleans 3rd street they all wear hazmat uniforms. They do this for a reason Bob. MRSA is just one of the many diseases one has to be aware of in this pollution we have on 3rd and other places. E.coli, strep and staph are also a hazard with these environmental conditions at encampments. Remember Andy Bates of the Union Rescue Mission who caught all three and will never walk again? Being aware of my own environment is what I do best for I live here too. I always say information is the key to success and i don’t want folks to panic but forewarned is forearmed and that a Public Service I have adopted for there is a need for that. For example the time I did the E Coli test at the pond next to the playground at Rose Beach there were no health warning signs. After the test results I gave them to Mike Bonin and he drop the Ball so I called up Supervisor Sheila Kuehl office right after my interview on NBC Dateline with Craig Melvin and got two signs permanently installed on the storm drain. I wanted at least four signs but they only supplied two so I told them to face one North and the other South. Helen block me according to her husband Gonzo Rock for all the feces on the sidewalk I was publishing. It didn’t jive with her agenda of pretty sunset pictures which there is nothing wrong with that but being a community page It should have more information on Public Health. No matter for my site is growing we have over 1850 followers and they are great folks cleaning up the beach environment and spreading the word that we all need better sanitation and more realization that pollution effects Everybody!

  2. Rick Swinger

    Its obvious that Mike Bonin is protecting his neighborhood with these rat proof trash cans and thats fine but he is also neglecting the larger population in Venice that already has a huge rat problem. With his lack of response to the ECOLI by the playground, the Mosquitos,Rats and the Fecal Bacteria flowing into our storm drains and onto our beach and the very basic sanitation that is required here he puts everyone in a more hazardous zone. By saying we are just complaining is their way of downplaying this which is the very reason we have Typhus Zones today in Los Angeles! Apathy by folks saying your just complaining is doing Los Angeles harm in a Big way! Mike Bonin is acting like a little boy with his first coloring paint set but its time he acts like an adult and handle the more important and pressing issues like the lack of sanitation and rat population explosion before it gets any worst. Everyone In…………..The Typhus Zone?

  3. Rick Swinger

    Bob Health Dept was referring to Jennifer who broke the news and had two meetings here in Venice about it. MRSA is common in Hospitals and at that time Hospital Dumping was occurring here on 3rd next to Google. Their Security told several folks that a White passenger van or bus would pull up around 230am and just dump these folks in wheel chairs on Sunset and Hampton dr. Thats why you saw all those Wheelchairs come out of nowhere back then. I emailed City Attorney Mike Fluer about it. Shortly after that I saw fewer wheelchairs but I always thought the two could be related but its hard to know for a diagnosis would have to be done with a doctor and a Lab Test for which I don’t think anyone on 3rd heard of a doctor coming by and testing anybody for MRSA. The Health Dept was right there was not an epidemic but we just don’t know for sure about the 6 transients Jennifer was talking about they have long since gone. One thing for sure is Mike Bonin through his own social service contract worker under the bus! Just like what he is doing to Venice Beach at large!

    • Bob Douglas

      You are one who put the story out rhere out trhere. And you know you did. Myself and a lot of other people around here would have a lot moire respect for your views if you didn’t punk out and deny them whenever you’re called on them. It was you who kept insistingf that there was a MRSA outbreak in Venice. Even after the Health Dept. refuted you , you still continued to insist that there was a MRSA outbreak. Even after it was pointed out that you cannot diagnose MRSA by sight you still stuck with your story. You did the same thing with the Hepatitus outbreak downtown last year wghen you tried to scare people into thinking that they could get it just by walking down 3rd St. even though there was not a single case reported hjere in Venice and it is not a disease that can be caught that way. You’re a liar and a jerk Rick. And everybody here in Venice, with the exception of Mark Ryavec and a few other people have nothing but disdain for you and your anti-homeless agenda that you try to disguise as just concern for the enviornment. It’s why you were thrown off the Venice (Community) Group on Facebook.

  4. Rick Swinger

    Bob Douglas Show me where I have been refuted by the Health Dept? In fact I have been working closely with the Health Dept Vector Management for years putting up Mosquito traps and getting rid Mosquito Larvae in our Rose Ave storm drains. Its called preventive maintenance not Henny Penny you moron.

  5. Rick Swinger

    Bob Douglas that is another of your stupid Ideas for Cats also can carry the Fleas that have Typhus! I have been warning about this since June of 2016 and Reta has a report last June giving Mike Bonin a County Health Dept Vector Management Bulletin Warning of Rats containing both Viral and Bacterial pathogens. I ask Mike Bonin and LAPD Chief Michael Moore to get rat proof trash cans for all of Venice and especially 3rd where I seen the homeless feed the rats. Nothing happened until today where the Typhus fleas attack City Hall. We started with Awareness with lead to Support and Now Action! ASA https://veniceupdate.com/2018/06/10/first-flower-fest-on-rose-was-flowery-and-tasty-to-sat-the-least/

    • Bob Douglas

      Rick Swinger is a joke Will. He’s the Henny Penny of Venice who has been refuted by the County Health Dept. on more than one occasion.

  6. Bob Douglas

    Easiest and most effective thing the city should do to deal with its rat problem should be to liberate all of the cats from the local animal shelters and let them roam the streets. It is a win win situation because they will take care of the rat population and also be much happier outside because just like most humans don’t want to be caged up in a shelter neither do the cats.

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