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PO Encampment Not Abandoned — Small, Elderly Lady Lives There

By Reta Moser

Note there is a previous story regarding this site and the garbage. See https://veniceupdate.com/2019/02/04/encampment-turns-to-trash-use-myla311/

When dealing with the homeless, some days are harder than other days. Today was not the best. Today I saw the ruble move and talk.

A small, elderly lady sat on a chair totally camouflaged by being wrapped in part of a blue tarp and other plastic bags. Had she not moved, one would think she was a bag of trash. She was rocking back and forth while talking with members of St. Joseph’s outreach team.

I asked one of the members if they had housing for her. The St. Joseph representative said “The lady doesn’t want help.” I asked if she did want housing, could you help her and the answer was “No.”

The lady under the plastic told me that she was going to clean up her site. She was going to bag the stuff and someone would pick it up, she said.

Brian Ulf, of SHARE collaborative housing and who is on the board of directors of SHARE, was called and a message was left on his phone. An email was sent to SLO (senior lead officer) Jennifer Munther with a suggestion that the Homeless Task Force be asked for help.

Update has been listing this site as an encampment.  As of Monday it was listed as an abandoned site and Sanitation was requested via MYLA311 app.   Am sure the elderly lady would appreciate Sanitation coming and helping her with the garbage.


Comments (8)

  1. Rck Swinger

    This is why we need to change our Mental Health laws for when they are not in control of their own mind how can you expect them to make a right decision that will be a benefit their health and recovery. That should be a Human Right but the I believe the ACLU thinks the opposite is true. Last Oct I was on a podcast with Dr. Drew and 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Herb Smith CEO LA Mission and we all agreed that we should use the DTLA Hospital that is being under utilized now and turn it into a Mental Health Recovery Center. Its just crazy to think that a MTA lot Bridge Housing is going to solve our homeless crisis in Venice and really no-one that I have talk to is going to sign up for those sleeping cubicles. People snore and myself included would rather stay in my warm and cozy tent on the street.
    We need a difference approach and unfortunately we have a government more interested in listening to their developers than their constituents.

  2. Bob Douglas

    Looks like Will Hawkins is at it again helping the homeless stay homeless.

    • Will Hawkins

      And once again it looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Over the last three years the homeless reunification programs that I’ve help create around the city have reduced homelessness in Venice and through out Los Angeles. But keep throwing garbage at me from your safe hiding place Bob, it just keeps giving me the opportunity to promote the volunteer work being done to improve our community. #shedoes


      • Bob Douglas

        That’s not the real Bob Douglas who posted this Will. I appear to have inspired some kind of a sock pocket who has named himself after me.

  3. Charlie Potatoes

    Just to show you how much Bonin cares, that’s his mother under that pile.

  4. Rick Swinger

    I can’t believe there was somebody living under this trash pile! If Reta didn’t call me and showed me this shocking picture of hers. This so so terrible its the worst camp if you can really call it that I have ever seen. I been to India ,Philippines, Mexico, Malasyia, Africa and some prisons in the poorest countries in the World and I never seen conditions for humans as bad as this. This is not the America I knew!

    • Sheri Magid

      Hope this poor lady can get the help she needs! This is truly tragic.😢

      • Will Hawkins

        Unfortunately if she’s refusing service there’s not much anyone can do. As tragic and heartbreaking as this situation is the reality is that neither LAPD, the Hope Team, C3 or the city can just take someone off the streets against their will. It’s the law.

        It some cases it can take time for service providers to gain people’s trust so that they agree to accept the help that’s available to them. Especially when there’s mental illness involved.

        That being said…she is on everyone’s radar and more efforts will be made to pursuade her to help herself. Hopefully the neighbors living around her will provide her with some assistance until that happens.

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