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Encampment Turns to Trash; Use MYLA311

(Photo courtesy of Allan Parsons.)

Encampment at the old post office on Windward was abandoned. Only the trash lingers on until Sanitation picks it up and this is not on their watch.

Note: This story has been added onto since obtaining the MYLA311 submittal from Allan Parsons. Apparently, he has suspected this has an abandoned site since 15 Jan. Rick Swinger is counting the days that it will take Sanitation to get to site and clean it up.

So this is a great opportunity to use app MyLA311. This app works. Download app, take photo and follow instructions. Sanitation will be notified to pick it up. One can also send picture with location to the applicable senior lead officer. The senior lead will notify Sanitation directly and this will doubly verify the need. This information was provided by a senior lead officer as to how to get rid of garbage such as this.

Some time between Monday and last Friday the tarp was removed. The above picture shows the site abandoned with tarp removed. Previous photos of MYLA311 submittals could have indicated that the person was just away because it was all covered with a tarp. Hard telling how long the site has been abandoned.

As of Monday, the tarp was removed and Allan Parsons, who is on top of this, submitted the following to MTLA311 app. His January submittals are also shown.

Comments (8)

  1. L

    Why does the city allow this to happen? I’ve lived here only 9 years but I’ve never seen it this bad. Every single day I have to pick up trash and at least once a week feces from beside my house. How can Mike Bonin stay in office with it like this? The homeless people should have equal rights- not more rights. For long time venice residents- have you ever seen it this bad?

    • Bob Douglas

      Out of curiosity which right (or rights) do you think homeless people have that you don’t ?

      • L

        They are allowed to sit in the street, block the sidewalk, use drugs and alcohol openly, urinate and defacate on public and private property, litter, etc with absolutely no repercussions. I have watched police officers drive by without a second glance. Also- they are allowed to play loud music throughout the night and the police barely come check. However- if you call on a neighbor who actually has an address the police are there almost immediately to issue a noise complaint. If you don’t feel like the homeless get away with more in Venice- I don’t think you live here. And for the record I don’t think they should be allowed to do any of this.

        • Bob Douglas

          All of these “rights” you have mentioned here are against the law. And if the police see them they get a ticket just like everybody else. This is just another completely false talking point.

          • L

            Do you even live in Venice? Any actual resident has seen all of this and more.

          • Bob Douglas

            I do live in Venice and have seen homeless people being ticketed by the police on numerous occasions. You people don’t see it because you just see what you want to see, the rest you filter out because it doesn’t fit your agenda.

  2. Rick Swinger

    OK the clock is running. Lets see how fast the LA Sanitation can clean this up and lets hope the transients don’t come by and throw it all over the place like they do sometimes! Unfortunately the bacteria around the pee bottle and all the polluted trash loaded with bacteria is flowing down the storm drains onto the beach at this very moment. These encampments for right now all should move inland a few blocks so to avoid the storm drains that flow directly to the ocean!

    • Typus is coming to Venice

      Just wait Rick till one of your fellow residents contracts Typhus. You will feel like your head is going to explode from the intense pain. Very hard to treat.

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