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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

NBC-TV Says Typhus Epidemic Gets Worse

Typhus epidemic worsens in City of Los Angeles as reported by Joel Grover of NBC-TV.

Deputy City Attorney gets typhus and throws spot light on  typhus in Los Angeles.

Rick Swinger, activist on 3rd Ave in Venice, has long been a proponent of keeping 3rd Ave in Venice clean, the drains clean, the poop picked up, the rats removed, rat-proof trash cans, warning signs where the drains drain on Venice Beach.Typhus is rat and flea born.

Dr. Drew has stood beside Swinger on this and wonders if the City will get wise before an epidemic that gets out of hand occurs.


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  1. Chariie Potatoes

    Typhus is Bonin’s and Garcetti’s legacy in Los Angeles.

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