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Abandoned Well Leak Update — Dept of Beaches and Harbors

Note:  This information is from the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors

The Department of Beaches and Harbors continues to work with MDR Hotels LLC to mitigate light and noise pollution at the site while crews work 24/7 to re-abandon the well.

What Happened

January 11 LA County Fire Department responded to a reported 911 call for a gas leak outside 4360 Via Marina.

Upon arrival, the on-scene well operator was in the process of capping the well. After the well operator stopped the methane gas leak, on site readings reported no readings for methane gas leaks. No injuries and/or medial complaints were reported to Los Angeles County Fire Department. Los Angeles County Fire Department made notifications to US Coast Guard and LAPD. On January 18, 2019 California Office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES) notified Los Angeles County Fire Department that this job site poses a potential hazard. Upon notification from Cal-OES, Los Angeles County Fire Department implemented an Incident Action Plan with assisting agencies and cooperating agencies.

Los Angeles County Fire Department – Division of Health HazMat were on site monitoring using the Multi-RAE (brand name for portable chemical detector) equipment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (January 18, 19, and 20, 2019). Readings were all zero on VOC (methane) and H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide).

Health HazMat did not issue any work stoppage order. RD Olson construction company voluntarily stopped some of their operations until today.

The well currently is emitting no gas and there is no emergency impacting public safety.

To address immediate health and safety concerns, DOGGR issued an emergency order immediately put into place a number of precautions to protect health, safety, and property and required that certain testing protocols and 24-7 monitoring begin immediately. The order also requires that the operator prepare a report detailing what caused the emission.

Officials from DOGGR and Interact are on site monitoring operations. Crews will continue to work overnight at the site for an undetermined amount of time. In the unlikely event gas odors are detected in this vicinity, members of the public should dial 9-1-1. For information regarding health referrals and other resources, please dial 2-1-1.

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