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Homeless Floating Barge Down Venice Canals — Carefree and Careless

Certainly the story of the year and the picture of the year for Venice. Looks like two people maneuvering the camouflaged barge down the Grand Canal. The picture was sent to Venice Update by Howard Weisenfield, former president of the Venice Canal Association. It was published here Tuesday and sent to LAPD Captain Brian Morrison with the note that it was suspected to be part of the encampment at the Grand Canal under the Red Car bridge between North and South Venice Blvd.

By Wednesday the TV media were on the story. Officials were trying to figure out who was to handle this — LAPD handles homeless; Street Services handles the waterways; Sanitation handles cleanups.

Friday the the Safe and Clean teams of the Venice BID (Business Improvement District) started cleaning up the area and by 2:30 pm area was cleaned with the exception of the bare barge itself.

One Canal homeowner said the barge is probably one of the barges the Venice Canal Associations uses for their annual Christmas parade.

According to Venice BID CEO Tara Devine, “The barge or raft disposition is still a slightly open question, but it is my hope, it will be resolved the beginning of next week. I believe it requires coordination between at least two parties to remove it.

“We’ll be following up and doing extra patrols with both Clean and Safe Teams in area of the barge.”

Comments (11)

  1. Ravi

    So, just like the bums, you leave your stuff littering up the neighborhood?

  2. Bob Douglas

    This is fake news you’re pushing here. The original owners of the raft do not consider it to be stolen. They said they built it for the Venice Boat Parade, left it docked it there when they moved to another part of Venice, and are happy that somebody is making use of it.

    • Betty Gray

      You must live in an encampment and supported by Will Hawkins .Cuz that is another lie as usual.

      • Bob Douglas

        I never lie.

        Jenn Stamm Glad to see the raft we built from our days when the Christmas Boat parade was a celebration is getting some use.
        Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing


      • I don’t support encampments and I don’t hide behind fake usernames. I volunteer my time to help homeless reconnect with their families, get them off the streets and set the up with services in their hometowns so they are supported and stay housed. That ultimately reduces homelessness in Venice and it’s done through private donations and not your tax dollars.

        Since you all seem to know where I live why don’t you man up, step out into the light and come talk to me about this in person?

        • Charlie Potatoes

          Will Hawkins sounds like another one of your many scrams you’re running on the Venice community.

          • Will Hawkins

            Tell that to the families who have now their loved ones home and are starting their lives over.

            I’ve never taken a dime of taxpayer money and I’ve funded this reunification program pretty much on my own.

            Meanwhile you continue to make baseless accusations in an attempt to defame me while hiding behind a pseudonym.

            What a coward.

  3. Charlie Potatoes

    I guess it never occurred to the LAPD geniuses or the president of the canal assoc. That the barge was stolen property form a resident of the canal.

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