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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Canals Get Vandalized and Burglarized

If you see this man, call 911.

By Darryl DuFay

In the past month, the Venice Canals around the 2600 block of Grand Canal and Strongs Drive have experienced Burglaries and Vandalism. 

Two of the incidents involved what the police call a Hot Prowl where the residents are home but unaware that a crime is taking place – the most dangerous kind.

Police reports and investigations are proceeding.  LAPD Detective Robyn Salazar has been assigned the case.  Our LAPD Senior Lead Officer Jennifer Muther is involved, as is Security Services Systems, who provide the Venice Canals Bike patrol.

1-23-19  LAST SEEN IN THE CANALS by Security Services System

Yesterday, Wednesday afternoon around 1:55 PM, the burglary suspect who broke into homes on Grand Canal and Strongs Drive, was seen in the community. SSS Officer Ramirez observed the suspect at Eastern Canal and Carroll Canal wearing the same clothes except his hat was green.  We called LAPD immediately and notified Det. Robyn Salazar that the suspect was in the area. The suspect began walking down Eastern Court and turned going west bound on Sherman Canal.  The suspect got into a white sedan at 28th and Del Ave and fled the area.  We were unable to get a license plate.


12-20-18  2601 Grand Canal  8:30 p.m. Burglary  (Hot Prowl)

My home was robbed around 8 p.m. while my family was inside.  Perp broke and entered through a small window and removed a computer, wallet, and some other items. We caught him – sadly – after the fact on camera and reported it. Police responded, took a report (and later partial fingerprints). Detective Salazar is investigating. The same suspect robbed the home across canal less than an hour later, also with people inside.

12-20-18  2606 Grand Canal  9:30 p.m. Burglary  (Hot Prowl)

My house was robbed last night at around 9 pm or so.  I was out, but 3 children (two of mine and my son’s friend) were here at my house with my trusted nanny, and no one suspected a thing.  The perpetrator let himself in through the side door that enters our garage. He came up the back stairs and into my teen-aged daughter’s room. After deftly emptying a jewelry tray, he swiped her laptop and went into my son’s room. My 14-year-old, lights out, was so engulfed in a video game that he didn’t even look up, but spotted only a pair of black shoes, said hello to them, assuming they belonged to his older brother.  The shoes disappeared into the hallway, back down the stairs and into the alley behind our home where a get-away truck was later revealed to have been seen waiting by a neighbor.   It is time to install a Ring Doorbell system, which my brother will do for me. 

01-14-19  2610 Grand Canal 4:20 p.m. Vandalism – Rock through Glass Door.

Owner saw a buff fellow, olive skin legs with white shorts, white socks and soft tennis shoes. She saw and felt the violence when he hurled the large stone…hitting floor and walls until it landed at the other side of the house. Hiding in the bathroom she called the police who came and interviewed her. She said, “I could have been hurt or dead if I had been downstairs at my dinning table or just walking down.  Please try to catch him…. so I can have my life back and not come home trembling every day and our neighborhood can relax again.”

01-14-19  25XX Strongs Drive 5:20 p.m. Burglary – Police Report made.


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