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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Clean and Safe BID Teams Tackle Grand Canal Encampment

(25 Jan 2019) The Business Improvement District (BID) Clean and Safe Teams were at the former Grand Canal encampment where the barge was cited before 8 am cleaning the area.  The barge camouflage canopy had already been removed from the barge.  There was a gas can and  a propane tank exposed on the barge.  Underneath the Red Car bridge was an area used for living.

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  1. Anonymous

    I understand why some people become homeless. Thing I don’t understand is they had to have notice about having to move out.

    Rather than living on the streets in Venice, why not move to a less expensive city. If they were affording their home before , move into a less expensive one.

    I’m sure there are many who could do this, but rather take advantage of the system. This doesn’t help anyone.

  2. Anonymous

    Mr. Douglas, all we are asking is that the city not trample on the rights of people living in Venice that are funding the city coffers through property taxes. The rest of LA county needs to pony up as well and take homeless, transients and grifters proportional to their populations. Why does Venice get stuck with the hangover every time? I wonder whether you even live Venice – if you do then why are you ok with your quality of life being sacrificed so that the ritzier part of LA can keep their neighborhoods spin n span?

    • Bob Douglas

      The rest of the county is ponying up. And frankly I am sick and tired of people like you with your false narratives who think that because you have money that it relieves you of any moral obligation as a ***** American to help your fellow countrymen. Read a American history book Anonymous. THe Founding Fathers envisioned ths country as an egalitarian society. IT why they started a revomlution Do you even know what egalitarianis is ? I suspect you don’t. There are homeless people in this community who need help. But people like you oppose everything that is ever proposed for them because the only thing that makes you happy is taking their personal belongings away , replacing them with cactus plants and calling it a “Beautification Project.” You’re all nothing but a bunch of nazis. It is not a charge I make lightly but it is one that as far as I’m concerned is perfectly valid based on your tactics and actions. And if you gentrifiers keep messing around with the homeless around here you will find out first hand what the slogan “Never Again” means. As far as I’m concerned people like you have three choices. You can either stop opposing everything so that the homeless here who are looking for help can actually receive it, you can shut the hell up and cease and desist all of your quasi-legal actions and smear campaigns against the homeless, OR you can leave Venice and go somewhere else. Because the bottom line is just because you live here doesn’t make you a local. Venice is a state of mind. And those of you who obviously did not do your due diligence before you moved here and thought that you could just waltz in here with your money and start changing things and pushing people around are not welcome in this community. With your attitudes you are not Venice locals. And you never will be.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not ones fellow American to help another if he doesn’t want to.

        Need I also say I am sick of people accusing everyone of being rich. Well I can assure you I am not rice. I have a hone through hard work an skimping every way I can. I was raised to be responsible.

        Too, where are all the relatives of homeless people. Why don’t they help?

        Why do we have to endure the thieves and drug addicts who also get a pass.

        Much of what you say Douglas, Is not fair.

      • Barry Green

        Making reference to Nazis is appalling and offensive. I lost half my family they were murdered by the Nazis. Bob Douglas I can do without your Anti-Semitic remarks.

        • Bob Douglas

          I happen to be Jewish myself sir. And I will continue to call out the nazis in this community because that is what they are. I know my history. There is no difference between the way the gentrifiers in Venice are acting and the way the Germans conducted themselves less than a hundred years ago. None. They are using the exact same tactics. The smearing of the homeless people and comparisons of them to vermin by the nazis in Venice must stop. The guilt by association must stop. The confiscation of their personal properties so that they can be replaced with ugly cactus plants that they call a Beautification Project MUST STOP ! Enough is Enough ! The voters of Los Angeles have approved not just one but two sales taxes to be used to help the homeless in Los Angeles who want help. The only thing that is preventing them from taking advantage of these services are the nazis here who do not want them to receive that help. They are taking advantage of Venice because they know it is full of progressive liberals who will avoid confrontation with them at any cost because that is what liberals do. The discrimination against the homeless and their treatment by Mark Ryavec and his Venice nazi Party must stop. ENOUGH !

  3. Granny BeerBum

    Let them LIVE!!!

  4. Traci Gay

    This has become awful Today I woke up to a disgusting mattress on the west side of canal south of washington
    We are really screwed here in our expensive property surrounded by druggies, loafers, thrives & crazies
    Just horrible

    • Bob Douglas

      The median income for a family of four in Los Angeles is $69,300. But in order for a single person to afford a bachelors apartment somewhere in L.A. that’s not at the beach and not be living above their means they have to make around 72,000 a year because all of those”cheap” apartments are renting for at least 1500 a month. That is why the homeless problem keeps growing in L.A. My suggestion to you and all of the other complainers is to either stop being NIMBYs or MOVE to another part of the country ! Those are pretty much your only choices.

      • Anonymous

        So don’t live in Venice. There are cities that are less expensive, and states as well. It’s not the community’s fault they get in this situation. By community I mean residents. So don’t blame them for losing their respect and ways of living.

        • Bob Douglas

          Learn How To Read ! My post isn’t about Venice. It is about the entire City of Los Angeles, of which you are a resident. The rents are too damned high and overpriced ! That is why there are 58,000 homeless people in L.A. County. And those of you who keep putting up roadblocks to prevent the homeless here in L.A. who want help from receiving it are just adding to the problem. So why don’t you move ? You obviously don’t think you have any moral obligations whatsoever to help fix the problem and in fact think that the only obligation you do have is to oppose those who do want to fix it so why don’t you move ? Just leave ! Unlike all of these broke homeless people around here you obviously have the resources to just pick up and move somewhere else . So why don’t you ?

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