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Mystery of Floating Barge in Canals Solved; Whose Responsibility is Another Mystery

(23 Jan 2019) The infamous barge is moored on Grand Canal between the old Red Car bridge and the east bound portion of North Venice Blvd.

Rebecca Dannenbaum, 49, built a barge to store equipment and floated it down the Grand Canal in Venice and now the City is determining how to handle the situation.

She kept is moored between the old Red Car bridge in the Venice Median and the North Venice Blvd east bound bridge.  She had two generators and charged scooters to make a living.  She said she lives in a van in Venice and is a longtime resident.

She has been on almost all of the local tv stations recently and feels she did nothing wrong.  It is obvious someone, not necessarily her,  is living in this area as evidenced in photo.

The canals are considered streets in Venice so how this will be handled or who will handle it will be decided shortly but the barge will be removed and area cleaned and secured.

Captain Brian Morrison, LAPD Pacific Division, explained the situation to the NBC and Fox 11 news reporters.

Fox news anchor Susan Hirasuna’s story explains the situation stated by Captain Morrison as to whether the barge is an obstruction or an environmental hazard and which is more of a problem to determine which department will handle it. It is not a matter of law enforcement unless someone is living on it, he said.


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