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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless Encampment Floating Carelessly in Venice Canals

What is going on in Venice?   Is this not the “poster child of the free reign of homelessness in Venice?”  No Carol Sobel laws are broken here.

This photo was sent to Update by Howard Weisenfeld, former president of Venice Canals Association and property owner.

The police have been notified and are working on this as well as the area in the Venice Median involved with the Grand Canal.

Comments (3)

  1. Charlie Potatoes

    Will Hawkins will let them dock up in front of his AirBnB. After all Will is king of the hobos

    • Rudy Dentino

      Charlie I take issue with Will Hawkins king of the hobos. The only king Will Hawkins is the king of, is Will Hawkins.

  2. Peter Russell

    Good luck. This bum will attract plenty more resourceful vagrants to set up “houseboat” shanties in the canals before LAPD bothers to do anything about it. They’ll likely pass the buck to the Coast Guard. And next thing you know, Bonin will propose a bum shelter in the canal.

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