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What to Do for Misuse of Handicap and Street Restrictions

This gentleman with Tennessee plates has been occupying this handicapped parking space in the public parking lot at Electric Avenue and Santa Clara Avenue 24/7 round the clock for the last week. He has been there full-time despite signs prohibiting parking from 2 am to 7 am. He now has a lot of personal items stored around the vehicle as well, which he was moving in and out of the vehicle earlier this morning.

This individual has been living in this vehicle on Electric for about a month across from residences despite our calls to parking enforcement and LAPD Dispatch. Can you look into it?

Both Stanley Nowak and Bruce Campbell have tried to have action taken on these two vehicles. What does one do in a case such as this?

Senior Lead Officer Kristan Delatori, who is on the teacher union walkout, wrote:

Thank you for the information regarding the vehicle on Electric and the vehicle in the handicap space! I am assigned to the UTLA Strike until further. Please continue to utilize Department of Transportation as this type of issue is their primary responsibility. I would suggest using the MYLA311 website it is a great tool to document the issue and it is helpful for follow up. I will also put in a request with 311 and I will ask the Officers that work in this area to help work on the issue.

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  1. This doesn't happen in Brentwood

    Those officers are too busy hanging in the donut shop to be bothered with this. So they pass the buck to parking enforcement.

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