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Oxford Triangle Gets Many “No Oversized Vehicle” Signs

Almost all of Oxford Ave and parts of Thatcher Ave received the signs this week.

It was just reported that many of the signs say “and” instead of “or” which is a large error.  This has happened before.  A tally has to be taken, City notified, and change will occur.

Oversize vehicle signs are permitted on a block by block basis when 65 percent of occupants sign a petition.

Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy, said it would take six months and it did. Taylor Bazley has the application and petitions. You can reach Bazley at taylor.bazley@lacity.org.

Comments (3)

  1. Peter Russell

    The city can put up parking restriction signs all over the place, but they’re not worth the metal they’re printed on unless the rules are enforced; i.e., Rose along the Penmar golf course. Lots of signs prohibiting overnight, oversized parking, plenty more bum RVs than signs. The bums are lawless to begin with, why would they care anything about toothless laws?

  2. reta

    Oh, my goodness. Not the first time that has happened and it makes a big difference. Count the number of incorrect signs and notify Taylor. He will make them fix them and do it correctly. One would think …

  3. Anonymous

    Idiots at the city screwed up some of these signs. The one above is correct: 7ft High OR 22 ft long prohibited. But some of the signs say 7ft AND 22ft long prohibited, which means it only applies to 22ft long RVs and not 8ft high vans.

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