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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Motorhome/Van Row on Main

And what is this? A designated campground for motorhomes and vans. Across the street, in front of Google are cars and vans that people are living in.

There are seven motorhomes and three vans, one of which is a handicap access vehicle that people are living in. Motorhome steps are on the sidewalk. One motorhome has his rear tire on the curb to keep his refrigerator leveled. Campground one block from the beach.

This guy looks comfortable with his chair out under the tree in front of Google entrance.

One Uber driver asked this reporter what was going on. “Don’t people try to change this, fix it” he asked.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous

    Yup, the hippies cried about Snap when Snap didn’t cause prices to rise, the thriving economy has (and rightly so). So now Google is leaving and that area is gonna became a 3rd Mumbai slum. Nice place to raise our kids thanks to idiots and apologists for the transients like you Bob.

  2. vicki

    There have been some RVs and campers parked on Main for over a year, but the recent upgrading of the sewer main on Sunset forced many of them to move for a while. So, they migrated around the corner onto Main. The new sewer main is an upgrade being made to accommodate bridge housing on the MTA lot since all utilities were formerly at the other end of the lot in the building. That building has been deemed unusable by the City. Some RVs have moved back to Sunset but their presence put Main on the map as a parking destination.

  3. Karl

    What I don’t understand is, why isn’t Google putting a harder stance on this and force the city to do something about it. It’s beyond unacceptable. For the employees. And for the nearby residents.

    If this nonsensical camping continues,the day will come when they’ll just leave for Santa Monica, and the city of LA will have less tax revenue coming in.

    • You heard it here

      Unfortunately google is planning on moving out. So they don’t have much interest in the area anymore. They recently bought a large property either in Culver City or near it. Running out Snapchat and Google is one of the dumbest things Venice has ever done.

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