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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 21 January

Last week Hampton, 7th and Penmar Park were cleaned and all three total trash disasters were cleaned just before the rains. Now that the rain is over, where do the encampments stand? Photos were taken Friday morning (18 January)

The one that took the prize was 7th Ave. There were only three tent areas. One guy took the prize for all encampments. The side view of his place was shown because it was next to a drain.

A guy with the garbage was yelling at this writer for taking a photo, being on the street, being alive. He claimed to be a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. So maybe police can let him do a little KP in the jail. The homeless are normally not belligerent.

The law made it a federal misdemeanor to falsely represent oneself as having received any U.S. military decoration or medal. If convicted, defendant might face imprisonment for up to six months, unless the decoration lied about is the Medal of Honor, in which case imprisonment could be up to one year.

The other two tents on 7th were both not ADA compliant.

Penmar Park west looked like it had thinned out. Tenters moved from where the water is shown.It is possible they all stowed their “stuff” under the blue tarp.

Hampton was a joy to see. The sidewalk was still clean. Looked like one fellow was packing up and about to leave.

Hampton, south of Rose, has a new encampment.

Grand Canal that is in the middle of North and South Venice Blvd, next to the historical bridge in the Venice median parking lot is growing. Allan Parson reported it last week but it has gown and it is in an area that could cause a lot of pollution. These photos are not as descriptive as Parson’s.

Harrison Ave has struggled with a large encampment. Landscaping was done and now planters but they continue to have a couple of tenters next to Enterprise.

Carter Ave continues to have one or two campers at night and the next day they are gone. One would think that Walgreens’s Drug would do some landscaping.

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