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VCH Launches “Roots to Grow” with Safe Place for Youth (SPY)

Note: This information was taken from the VCH January newsletter.

Venice Community Housing (VCH) has launched a new program called Roots to Grow! The Roots to Grow Program is a transitional housing program operated under a partnership with Safe Place for Youth (SPY).

Roots to Grow will provide safe, secure, and stable housing for young adults in two houses. The Mitchell House, in Mar Vista, and the Ashton House, in Westwood, will each accommodate up to ten residents between the ages of 18 and 24 living in shared bedrooms.

Residents will be eligible to remain housed in the Roots to Grow transitional living program for up to 36 months with the goal of having residents exit to permanent housing after 18 months. Together, the two transitional living houses will provide a safe place to live for youth.

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  1. Cathy neiman

    Where do these young people go after 36 months? A lifetime of hard living and inadequate family structure and 36 months after these people are finally grounded you just kick them back out into the street? 3 years you think the rents will go down and I three years they have the careers that can actually pay for these high rents? 36 months isn’t even enough to finish college! All that will do is make them have to move back to the streets after 3 years when there is an election year and none of you could really care less. I am a 20 year resident of Venice and a 2nd generation “Angeleno” and a 15 year sober recovering addict and I would like to know what exactly you are going to do help these youths? And please don’t send me a link to your website I want someone to answer my question. I live on Rose Ave and I have been to the 720 Rose facility, I even applied for a job there but my USC education and background w the homeless was not good enough for your facility. What is 36 months going to do help these youths? No links please. Cathy

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