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Sanitation Sweeps Into Venice and Cleans Three Disastrous Encampments

Bureau of Sanitation worked its magic on three of Venice’s disastrous homeless encampments that Venice Update has been showing pictures of each week.

Wednesday the crew hit Hampton, followed by Penmar Park west and then 7th.  It was late in the afternoon before they finished.  What a difference!

These encampments were worthy of being reported to the County Board of Health.  The alley at Penmar Park was cleaned the week before.

The following videos and photos show the before and after of this cleanup.

Hampton Ave, just north of Rose

Some homeless had spent the night after the cleanup and they were packing up and moving on when photos were taken.   Many of the people who had been camping moved on Wednesday and did not come back. It was being cleaned Thursday morning by the man St. Joseph hired to clean the areas.

Area West of Penmar Park

Area west of Penmar Park has been a disaster for at least three weeks. The alley, which followers should remember, was cleaned last week. Wednesday, Sanitation cleaned the other area thoroughly. All had to put down the tents and walk away while Sanitation did its cleaning of the grounds.

Video was taken Thursday morning after the cleaning.

7th Ave between Machado and Rose, behind Whole Foods

Video was taken Thursday morning after cleanup.

Shot below shows area not shown in video.  Camera ran out of memory.  Two of the homeless on the site had no idea what had happened to the majority of the inhabitants.  They said it was nice and quiet last night.  One man said they will return.

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