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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Chamber of Hope to Present “The Advocates”

Will Hawkins’ Chamber of Hope will be presenting a screening of the documentary “The Advocates” 18 January at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd, 7 to 10 pm.

“I think this is an important film that presents the homeless crisis with clear eyes and without an agenda,” said Hawkins. “There are people living on our streets who’ve been abandoned and don’t have anyone looking out for them except these hard working advocates who give so much to help those who can’t help themselves.”

This is a film about those people who donate their lives to help the most vulnerable. Director Remi Kessler and some cast members will be on hand for Q&A following the screening.

Tickets are a suggested donation of $15. There will be a reception with beer and wine starting at 7 pm. Tickets may be obtained here.

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  1. reta

    Okay, Gentlemen. Let’s cut the false, unprovable character accusations. Enuf is enuf. If you are going to make accusations, make them factual and provable. Anyone can call another names with tags. This is a newspaper and deals with facts. You are expected to deal with facts too.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Bob Douglas Yes I hate a lot of things Bob like we all do.I hate Marine Environmental Pollution, Poachers, Hypocrites and Folks who Bully People and try to limit their Freedoms of Speech and their freedoms of Press. I Aint Nobody’s Water Boy like Will and I aint no Saint!

    • Stan Meyers

      Bob Douglas must be some traitor to the residents of Venice Beach. He supports the thieving transients who live in tent cities who rob and steal form all of us.

      • Bob Douglas

        The only transients in Venice are the tourists who pay a transient tax that’s part of their hotel bill. The people you’re referring to are homeless residents of Los Angeles, many of whom have been priced out of their apartments by the greedy landlords who run this city. And the way things are going many of you who get off on disrespecting them are liable to end up being priced out of your domiciles over the next year or two as well.

        • Will Hawkins

          Charlie…I’m a renter and don’t own or run any Airbnb properties legal or illegal. So you must have me confused with someone else. And I’m sure the many families who now have their loved ones home and off the streets would disagree with your assesment. Not that I care what you think but others are watching and this reply is for them.

          My only agenda is to create and support programs that help reduce homelessness and the family reunification and rent relief programs the Chamber of Hope champions have proven to be a successful way to do that.

        • Bob Douglas

          AirNBs have very little to do with the homeless problem in L.A. The real reason the landlords are getting away with charging everybody way too much money for a place to live is because we have 1,000,000 illegal immigrants in this city who. They are the obvious reason for the shortage of apartments in L.A. And that shortage is why you now have to make about 1500 a week minimum to afford an apartment anywhere in the entire city of L.A.. All of the people who are making less than that (and there are thousands and thousands of them ) are all having to either live with roommates in apartments that were never meant to be shared. Or they’re homeless where people like you disrespect them on a daily basis because you know you can get away with it with impunity.

        • Anonymous

          Your narrative is totally without a factual basis Bob. There are MANY transients in Venice, mostly drug addicts and mentally ill folks, some of whom come from out of state. Some get out of federal prison in places like Illinois and request their “free” one-way bus ticket to Venice CA. They know they can hassle tourists for money and do drugs and steal with impunity and live in the sun on the beach. Where else in the US can you do that? Bonin and Garcetti have advertised this utopia which is why it’s grown, it’s a false narrative that income inequality is to blame. Nice try dude. These folks were never gonna bid on a home or rent an apartment in Venice.

    • Bob Douglas

      You’re the biggest bully in Venice. So if you hate bullies you must hate yourself. And I don’t blame you. If I were you I’d hate me too.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Will Hawkins I just suggested to have a candle like vigil to protest all the pollution thats coming from these unregulated street camps. Its hurting our Marine Wildlife,Tourists and residents including and especially the Homeless. Why not? There are unintended consequences happening here and we need to address them.Im in favor of an Free Press and Freedom of Speech.

  4. Anonymous

    Water boy Will. now that’s funny………

    • I’m not sure how volunteering my time to help homeless reunite with their families is self-serving or how my advocating for empathetic housing solutions to help reduce homelessness in Venice is carrying someone’s water. I spent 2 1/2 years volunteering my time on the VNC working to find creative and innovative solutions to reduce homelessness and my actions and message has remained consistent ever since.

      My programs do not cost the taxpayers a dime, I don’t take a salary for the work I do and in no way do I stand to make a profit off it either. I donate my time and money for this cause because I want to find and create solutions that we as a community can activate on our own and see immediate results and so we don’t always have to wait around for City Hall to do it for us.

      This is an important film that boldly presents the homeless issue in Los Angeles with clear eyes and it does so without an agenda while showcasing the work of underpaid, hard working advocates filling the void in instances where our government fails to help the most vulnerable who can’t help themselves.

      I want to believe that I live in a community where Hate Has No Home and I believe that by providing housing and services to those who can’t provide it for themselves is a good way to start showing that is who we are and is what we stand for. Let the haters hate…it’s not gonna stop the rest of us from carrying on and doing the right thing.

      • Rick Swinger

        Will Hawkins You sure had a lot of Hate on that text message that you mistakenly sent to me I believe. Did you ever apologize to Travis, Alix, Marie, Celeste, Jim, Brad and Jeremy for calling them Dangerous? These are my friends and they are not dangerous They want to help our neighborhood and donate a lot of their time to our cause to clean up our polluted streets and dirty politicians. You wrote Save Venice Beach (now renamed Venice United) is a group of intolerant, hateful,disgusting,vengeful,stakeholders who have zero empathy, compassion or humanity for anyone but themselves.With statements like this one knows your true feelings here. Im sorry you feel this way Will Hawkins but thats Hate and we don’t need anymore of that in Venice Beach!

        • Charlie Potatoes

          I already know what’s happening next week. Will Hawkins is going to try and convince us he can walk on water.

        • Bob Douglas

          You should practice what you preach Rick. You’re one of the biggest haters in Venice. And one of these days you’re going to shoot your big mouth off to the wrong person and get yourself more than just a broken elbow. And you’ll have nobody to blame for it but yourself.

        • Will Hawkins

          I call it as I see it. People send me screenshots of incindiary posts on your Venice United Page and last week YOU personally threatened to protest this screening with your “friends”. These friends of yours who post statements on your page like this one on 11/29…

          “The responsibility is on us to make Venice unsafe for vagrants. Whatever means necessary”.

          That’s pretty hateful and more than a little dangerous. And it’s on a closed Facebook page that you co-founded and administer.

          With statements like this one we certainly know the true feelings of your friends and colleagues and I’m not gonna apologize for calling out people who talk like that.

          I could go on but instead I’ll just extend you the invitation to come to this screening and maybe you’ll learn more about what’s being done by people in this city to help those who can’t help themselves.

      • LOL

        Correction “Saint Waterboy Will”

  5. Yet another self-serving non-profit. This time a “Chamber” of Hope)lessness) to match this shameless self-promoting digitzl marketer sidle up to the Big Money Trench that Steve Clare, Linda Lucks, Becky Dennison of Venice Community Housing Corporation (CorporationS under his Chamber of Shell Companies.

    Becky Blight Dennison makes sure the Horizon project they disgraced is a Chamber Pot extension of Becky’s directly
    invited Tweaker friends, fresh from performances at the
    Rape Roop Shooting Gallery, or right behind the back door
    if all that sand is a problem.

    It’s not concerning sister non-profit, also a photo-op bonanza for Chamber of Narcissist new NON PROFIT failed Homeless Committee VNC Homeless Committee, where he shamed both himself, and the community. That would be St. Joseph Center’s poverty pimp millionairess Valecia Kellum Adams.

    Water Boy Will will suck on any vine that spits self-promotion
    and dollars for those who are the beneficiaries of his sterling
    marketing skills. Will has to really bottom scrape to get press releases posted anywhere methinks.

    Will makes a brief flashing cameo in one of our videos.
    I’ll link it here but please search for the other:
    “Poverty Pimp Politics Venice Beach”
    Or just try “Becky Poverty Pimp” … Linda Lucks, Bridget Bell
    and Becky Dennison are approached for Interviews, and promises
    of same.
    There are subsequent video interviews with the principals also,
    slated for release.
    HHAC has already reported aplenty on Water Boy Will,
    who qill be pushing Garcetti for President when he isn’t
    promoting himself with a movie where actors bark lines
    someone wrote for them, pretending heroics.
    The real heroics of our First Response professionals
    in Pacific Division and LAFD should be more on Hawkins mind.

    He is TOTALLY ABSENT and without presence of any kind in the
    toughest, most crime-ridden blocks where the suffering is
    so profound and profoundly ignored by the Poverty Pimps
    like Becky Dennison who seeds these same violent encampments,
    (since removed, way over a dozen that were there for a LONG
    with police hate flyers that demean, degrade and endanger them.
    In exchange for ‘snacks’ and a bus ride to be a culled entourage
    at a phony foto=op advocacy set-up, Hawkins speciality and he’ll
    not get the stink of these unholy associations off his
    self reported resume and attempt to mix a little more Hollywood
    pathos instead of rolling up his Gucci sleeves for other than
    feeding ducks on the canals where he lives.

    A fraud and a fake with another shallow, hollow self-serving non profit.
    He was among the first to receive communications about
    several dozens of High sever Inspection Violations
    for Becky Dennison and the suddently ‘retired’ Asset Manager
    for these ‘non profits’ hundreds of millions in Real Estate
    Investment Equity and real property.
    He cared not a scintilla to even ask a follow-up question;
    never mind mitigate or investigate conditions he knows well about.
    But here’s more squeaky clean Linda Lucks type promo nonsense.
    Water Boy Will morphs into Hollywood Hawkins.
    Meanwhile, incredible abuses as well as outright Fraud,
    and serial violence as recent as this last Thanksgiving,
    where Water Boy was surely stuffing his gullet somewhere,
    all caring about stuff and everything.

    A bully not only immune to real suffering, but ‘Will” ing
    to distribute it.

    Stan Becker
    Horizon Health Action Coalition
    Our FB page will open as time permits.
    We’re present on Venice (California) Community FB page.
    and also thank Reta at Update for fixing the glitch that
    prevented our presence on Update. We will try to check
    in more regularly and appreciate being able to exercise
    our First Amendment Rights that poverty pimps hate with vitriol.

    At the last VNC Meeting, Becky Dennison reluctantly stood with everybody else at Ira’s request for the Pledge.
    I noted she didn’t speak even one word of it.
    These people are haters and frauds with media divisions.

    EVERYTHING about EVERY ‘program’ both non profits, is “self reported” thru subsidized media divisions.
    In other words, it’s virtual. Made up. Fake.
    Like a movie. Like Water Boy Will.


  6. felini

    It must be a science fiction film.

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