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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 4 January

They cleaned the infamous alley west of Penmar Park where the encampment is. That is great news for the neighbors. Now garbage is being stacked in the center at the end of one of the roads. Encampment Update does not include 3rd Ave or Ocean Front Walk to the beach.

The other tragedy is 7th, which is across the street from residents, between Rose and Machado and directly behind Whole Foods.

Neat but still in violation of ADA compliance.

Harrison got filled with tents. Landscaping was done in the area. One camper stays at Enterprise and another visited the landscaped areas.

Hampton seems to be growing.

Carter had some people mulling around the debris that was left. Most was cleaned by neighbors. One fellow slept across the street on large rocks. That cannot be comfortable.

Staples, Venice Blvd (north and south from Abbot Kinney to Pacific), Lake, Harding, and Freeway all seem to be free of encampments. Since last week the area, between North and South Venice Blvd where the canal is, was cleaned

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