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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 31 December 2018

The good news is that Lake, Staples, Venice, and the Freeway are clear. Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd is finally clear.

The bad news is that Harrison has erupted. Seven tents were counted Sunday morning. Carter has grown an encampment again and it continues to grow each night. Hampton continues to grow.

Penmar Park has not changed much from the total disaster it was last week. It may have lost one tent and the garbage in the alley probably grew, CBS picked up the story Thursday evening, 27 December. Their claim is that Sanitation was out and picked up around the campsite but never picked up the trash in the alley that continues to grow. They had not given proper notification.

Update was told about another encampment on 7th between Rose and Machado. It is behind Whole Foods, off Rose, and sits across from a residential street. It runs the length of the street. It is another tragedy. It is a narrow street between the encampment and the home owners.

Talked with one young man from 7th. Said he was in from Boston. In his twenties. Said he had been in rehab in Boston, insurance paid for it. Someone gave him ticket to Venice. Claims he has mental problems–anger, PTSD, and others. Should have gotten name of company or person who purchased ticket so LA could send them a thank you note.

(Photo courtesy of Steve Sanders.)
Harrison Ave.

Carter Ave.

Hampton Ave.

7th Ave between Rose and Machado is one continuous encampment.

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  1. Janet

    After 22 years living in Venice I left. How I loved it! I have romantic memories and this post jolts me back to reality.

  2. Clutch Cargo

    This looks like a job for Clutch Cargo

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