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Safran’s Group Meets with Residents of the Oxford Triangle to Show Their Project

Thomas Safran and Associates met with member of the Oxford Triangle to display their latest ideas for the Oxford Triangle Thatcher Yard.

Safran plans to build 98 units of affordable and permanent supportive housing on the 93,347 sq ft lot located on the south end of the Triangle. The lot which will be rezoned RD1.5 would have afforded a maximum of 62 units but with two 35-percent density bonuses allowable for affordable housing, Safran could have gone to 106 units.

Construction according to their plan should start second quarter of 2020 and continue thru the fourth quarter of 2021. A planned contingency for the project is a fire gate across Thatcher to be built prior to any work. Gate is intended to keep all vehicular traffic for the project from entering the Triangle residential area. All construction and future tenant vehicle ingress/egress will use Princeton east to Carter to exit onto Lincoln Blvd at the Jefferson Marina Way light.

Planning land use approvals, entitlements, contingencies should start mid 2019.

There will be 68 units for seniors, 30 units for families, 82 parking spaces.

. Half of all households will have access to supportive services
. Complies with intent of Oxford Triangle Specific Plan, the comparative heights and setbacks of surrounding buildings
. Architecture has been redesigned to be more traditional and consistent with dominant style in the neighborhood
. Maximum height is 40-feet, 6-inches at clock tower on Thatcher Avenue.
. Increase in height of fence along Princeton Ave to 48-inches
. Relocation and modification of the gate along Thatcher Ave,
for controlled vehicular and pedestrian access

Of the 98 units, some will be apartment type and others, on side adjacent to Triangle single family homes, will be single family dwellings, some one-story, some two-story.

The height will be a maximum of 3.5 stories, which includes the garage that will be subterranean. There will be a total of 128 bedrooms so some apartments, houses will include 2 bedrooms. There will be a managers unit.

The six-foot tall fence across Thatcher will have an opening for fire trucks and an opening for pedestrians. All vehicle access will be from Jefferson Marina Way off Lincoln to Carter to Princeton, east, to Thatcher.

At this point the placement of the pedestrian ingress/egress on Thatcher is in contention as to whether it should be placed on east side or west side of Thatcher. East side, which affects more Triangle residents, is next to Jefferson-Marina and Triangle homes. West side is where the Safran project will be. It was on the west side and has been submitted to planning for the east side.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, we want to build a slum in your neighborhood! What do you think? We don’t care, we’ll get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars anyway you NIMBY’S

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