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Behind the Scenes of the MTA Site Selection

By Darryl DuFay

This news is not unexpected.

A little clarification of the LA Times article.   The author might have included some other important aspects of the MTA  project.  But, probably not author’s fault, since a concerted effort has been in effect for months to mask what is actually going on. For weeks the idea of “Bridge Home” was the only thing being sold.  No mention of the MTA lot was allowed.  Then a phony survey was held.

Could it be that they did not want to tell the public that this site was suggested by the MTA Board of Directors itself?  And, surprise, surprise Councilman Mike Bonin and Mayor Eric Garcetti, the “Bridge Home,” author are both members of the MTA Board.

What about the cost?  Based on the downtown first temporary, transitional, shelter, the cost of this project should be about $7.7M not $5M.  Another $1M plus per year for food and services.  And, remember this MTA “temporary” project is supposed to be torn down in three years so that the MTA can build “Affordable Housing” for hundreds of homeless on the site.  The MTA is in the beginning of the third year of at least a “five” year building program.

The 54 youths, 18-24, will be in nine modular trailers, while the 100 adults will be in a giant 10,000 square foot tent. Nice!

LAHSA who runs the project has “Rules and Regulations” for “Bridge Home” projects.  Mike Bonin’s Council office said this project WILL NOT follow what LAHSA said.  They have not provided an alternative.

Food, etc.  There is an outside, unenclosed eating area.  This project is a few hundred feet from the beach.  Gets mighty cold!  There is no food preparation on site. The LAHSA Regulations are very specific for three meals a day.  There are minimal areas at the project to use to deliver and move food around, especially for 463 meals a day.

The parking is also disputed.  The Project information said there will be nine spaces.  The City said there will be 111. The Coastal Commission report said 79. Now someone has settled on 20 spaces.   The posted elevations do not show any of these larger numbers.

The CA Coastal Commission will hear this “Bridge Home” shelter project today. The Executive Director of the Commission waived the requirement for a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for this project.  Guess that tells you what will probably happen.

See LA Times article.

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