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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

City Declares “Categorical Exemption” From CEQA; VSA to Challenge

The City is declaring a “Categorical Exemption” from CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) on the proposed MTA Bridge Housing project at Sunset between Main and Pacific.

The project is supposedly a temporary project that is for three years only.  The City emphasizes providing “emergency shelter.”

The “Bridge Home” on the MTA site is scheduled to be heard by the California Coastal Commission, 12 December at the Newport Beach Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach 92660 at 9 am.  This will be Item 18 on the agenda.


“One does not create living accommodations for 154 people, offices, food service, storage facilities and security personnel and not have any impact on the environment,” wrote Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA).”   “The VSA has retained legal counsel to challenge the categorical exemption and is also raising funds to litigate the matter.

“Contributions are welcome at venicestakeholdersassociation.org.  Our initial fundraising goal is $20,000.”


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  1. Another Anonymous Person

    Venice has a compassion and tolerance fetish. Good luck changing that.

  2. Anonymous

    This is why Venice does not get heard by the City Council or Coastal Comm, when Irvine was slated for shelters in their neiborhoods they mobilized with social media etc, chartered buses, and had literally 1000’s of people show up to these meetings and the proposals were squashed, we showed up at the VNC meeting which is basically worthless, and their plans are moving forward, i was hoping some sort of mass orginization would take place here for venice, anyone carpooling?

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