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Garcetti Promotes his “Bridge Home” Homeless Initiative

By Darryl DuFay

In this Op Ed piece,  LA Mayor Eric Garcetti comments on his first “Bridge Home” temporary transitional homeless project located in downtown LA near Olvera St.

First referred to as “El Pueblo” now called “El Puente” or “The Bridge.”  Other articles have not been so enthusiastic about this and other proposed “Bridge Home” projects. The project for Venice at the Metro lot comes to mind.   LA Times article.

Construction costs are a major concern.  The Mayor’s original proposal was for 1,500 beds divide among the 15 Council Districts or 100 beds per District at a cost of $13,000 per bed.  El Puente cost $2.4M or $53,000 per bed for 45 homeless.  The “underfunded” original money of $20M was supplemented by another $10M from the City Council. Forty five million dollars more have been requested from the State.  This still will not be enough.

Original year to year costs per Council District were “estimated” at $1.3M. There are also concerns about providing meals and services.  It has been reported that the immediate ”El Puente” surrounding encampments that were to be removed have just moved themselves north.

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  1. Bob ford

    Eric Garcetti is promoting his bid for POTUS. “Hey look how I have helped the homeless”. What a joke. He better hope the world press doesn’t check what a liar he really is.

  2. Impeach LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

    LA Mayor Eric Garcetti needs to be recalled and impeached. He is a very dangerous to the citizens of Los Angeles.

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