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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 3 December

Wow!  Venice is getting cleaned up.  Communities are taking back their neighborhoods with the help of Sanitation Bureau and the LAPD..  People are shopping without being solicited or being verbally attacked.  They are using the sidewalks to go here and there.

The median between the 90 Freeway is clear but there is a stack of litter.  Lake is still clear and clean.  Carter was clear and partially cleaned.  Those people have moved east of Lincoln Blvd on Washington.  Harding is over; they have planters in place.

Harrison had one or two inhabitants.  Canal between North and South Venice Blvd status is the same.  This is a canal contamination situation.  Hampton Drive needs more help.  Police were there this week but some encampment people linger without ADA compliance.

Venice Blvd,  Staples-Lincoln Hardware, and Penmar Park were the worst … but!

Venice Blvd — north and south sides from Abbot Kinney to Pacific are clear and cleaned.  There was one man sleeping in North Venice by Farmer’s Market between the trees Sunday morning.  Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd has an encampment that has been growing but North and South Venice Blvd is cleared and clean.

Other than Venice Blvd, the great news is Staples – Lincoln Hardware.  Update had a special story on the web for this transformation last Tuesday.  What a difference.  Sanitation came,  cleaned the sidewalks, and street on both sides.  Members of the community immediately put planters in place following the cleaning.  Dirt and rocks were installed and then the plants.  People came back to inhabit but police were called and the group moved on.

Penmar Park, west end, is a disaster, a health hazard.  The trash and the encampment are both growing.  It is totally unsanitary.  One homeless person said he was putting trash in trash bins.  He was; one could tell.  Even one of the alleys leading to the encampment is filled with weeds, furniture and trash.  Dirtiest alley around.



Garbage in the foreground and part of the site in the back.

Another part of the encampment.

Comments (2)

  1. Arnold Palmer

    I hope they don’t get hit by stray golf balls

  2. Peter Russell

    The Penmar Park west encampment is as bad as ever, making what used to be a pleasant running loop for many people impassable. Trash everywhere, stolen bikes, who knows what else. Never mind all the illegal overnight campers along Rose next to the golf course, all violating the no-parking-at-night signs. The homeless advocates demand that these people be treated as “human beings”, but maybe they should start acting like human beings and cleaning up their mess.

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