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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Sidewalk Enforcement Has Scooters, Homeless Encampments, and Now Vending

By Darryl DuFay

Venice now has three areas of discussion and concern when it come to our sidewalks. Sidewalk vending, electric scooters, and encampments.

Maybe another thousand sidewalk planters would make a difference.  However, that might effect everything including pedestrians.

As always it’s all about enforcement.  There NEVER has been enough money for enforcement of anything.  Read the last paragraph in the article.  Twenty-two additional Bureau of Street Service inspectors!  Good luck!  They will probably issue “infraction” citations, which are gentle reprimands.

Ocean Front Walk, which is a Park area, should be interesting.
The article says:

Those rules will go into effect by January, city officials said. Parks will have their own restrictions: Only two vendors are allowed per park acre, and they cannot operate within 25 feet of each other, or within 100 feet of any park buildings or playgrounds. If a park has an exclusive concession agreement, vendors cannot set up stationary stands there to sell food or merchandise.

Venice Update: There is a Vending ordinance peculiar to the Ocean Front Walk and it should be assumed that all vendors have to comply with such.

And, always remember that the City of Los Angeles has a mere FOUR million residents and is FIVE HUNDRED square miles in size.


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