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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 23 November

Good news is that the 90 Freeway median is still unpopulated.  Only debris left.  Lake is still clean and clear as is Carter. Couple areas have gotten worse. One area is surprisingly better– Venice Blvd (Farmer’s Market area). Two areas have been added–Canal and Hampton.

Harrison has about three to four campers with tents up, bikes chained and no ADA capability.

Venice Blvd around where the Farmer’s Market is on Fridays had only one group and that was on Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd.  One wonders if the City is ready to install a beautification project.  Venice has consistently, until just recently, been one of the worst encampments.  It looks beautiful compared with how it has looked.

South Venice Blvd, west of Dell is not ADA compliant.

Penman Park on the west side of the golf course has a sanitation problem. The first two photos are just debris. The third photo shows the encampments.



Staples-Lincoln Hardware has grown since last week. Neither side is ADA compliant.


Added this week is the canal area. This is a pollution, contamination situation. Very difficult to photograph. This is the Venice median between North and South Venice Blvd, just east of Pacific. The canal extends to North Venice Blvd and there is a parking lot access road. Photos are taken from the road above the canal. Orange thing at bottom of photo is a tent.


Hampton between Marine and Rose was also added. This is supposed to be taken care of by St. Joseph Center. The place is not ADA compliant.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    Was wondering where Meth Row by Ralphs/Rite Aid had moved to: beneath the 405 overpass on Venice between Sawtelle and Sepulveda is the worst I’ve ever seen it before. A solid block of utter trash heaps, lined with tents, and scary when you get trapped in that red light, rapidly rolling up all windows and wondering who’s going to walk up barefoot to my car THIS time… (Technically Mar Vista, I know, but heavily related to VB)

  2. Brad

    What about the huge encampment LOS at Park Ave between Ocean Front Walk and Speedway and on Rose just a block east of Lincoln along the Penmar golf course?

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