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Perishable Dumping Should Be Stopped

By Rick Swinger

This is unauthorized food dumping on Ocean Front Walk. It is rotten perishables and stale bread and broken eggs. It happened 18 November. This is rat food. Rat fleas cause typhus.

Comments (7)

  1. TheV.

    This is no “generous donating of food to the needy,” this is clearly some business owner trying to get rid of out-dated perishables while avoiding filling his own trash bins at cost. I hope they are sought out and fined heavily for illegal dumping on public property, creating biohazard waste, public nuisance etc… throw the book at ’em. Only way that kind ever learns.

  2. Johney Friendly

    Disgusting maggots who leave food out for the beggars.

  3. Waylon J. Smithers Jr.

    Stop feeding the bums

  4. Nan Gordon

    I have seen big rats feeding on the food. This is a Typhus breeding ground.

  5. Nancy

    I wish that people would stop leaving the food along the boardwalk. This is probably the worst I’ve seen but the bread that is left daily is also rat food. I’ve seen pigeons and mice go in and out of the bags regularly. And one day I asked a man to please stop throwing the bread along the boardwalk as it is attracting more rats and pigeons and he followed me several blocks to my home and screamed at me the whole way and then threw a bagel in my yard.

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