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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 16 November

Lake is still clear and clean.  Harding is not a problem with its planters in place. Penmar is still the same except the one tent was lowered.  Encampment west of golf course had little if any change.  Harrison had one person sleeping across the sidewalk.  Carter had one person and then none but left the street on both sides filthy.

One knows the police are monitoring these areas and doing what they can.

Staples seems to be the same.  The hardware store appears to have the same amount and they are totally disobeying the ADA rule.  The Staples side is growing.  The pot planters do not seem to be deterring anyone.  The police were there one day this week, talking to the people, checking bike registrations.

Venice Blvd.  North side was cleaned and completely cleared.  That was Wednesday. Across the street was the debris to be removed.  Repopulation has occurred, not to same extent on North side.  They are now using Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd and there is a couple of people on South Venice. As was reported last week, Taylor Bazley said the council office was working on a beautification program for area surrounding the Farmer’s Market. Encampments on South Venice, west of Dell, seem to keep their places in ADA compliance.

North Venice Blvd, looking west. How clean it is … was.

Debris removed from North Venice.

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