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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

What is it?

(Photo courtesy of Jill Prestup.)

What is under the tarp on the post office property at Windward Circle?

Jill Prestup, Mark Ryavec, Stewart Oscars, Esther Chiang, and Mike Castillo and a few others know. It was unveiled as a joint effort of the Venice Historical Society and the Venice Stakeholders Association.

Well, what the heck!It is one of the original gondolas that graced the canals during the Abbot Kinney days. It was in Windward Circle for a while but had to be removed so it was stored at Bruffy’s Tow until 15 November.

Stewart Oscars made a cradle for it to rest on and plans to completely restore it while it is in place. It is on the post office property at the tip facing Windward Circle which years ago was the heart of the canals. What a fitting place!

Ryavec mentioned a rustic type fence to surround it and a sea of blue flowers to make it look like it was in water. Lot of good ideas floating around.

There will be a launching party at the gondola when it is finished.

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