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Del Rey LUPC Approves Safran’s Senior/PSHProject for Oxford Triangle

By Reta Moser (News-Editorial)

Del Rey Neighborhood Council approved Thomas Safran’s plan for the 98-unit development of senior/psh for the Oxford Triangle, which is in the Venice Neighborhood Council district, not the Del Rey Council district.

The Venice Update feels this is highly disrespectful, irregular, and probably self-serving for a land use and planning committee and the neighborhood council to approve of another district’s project before they have even started the project approval process.

Normally, projects are brought first to the community surrounding where project will be built. After that approval, a developer will take it to the local land use and planning committee (LUPC) for honing. The project is then recommended for passage/rejection to the local neighborhood council.

In this case the Oxford Triangle neighborhood would approve the project, it would then go thru the Venice LUPC, and then the Venice Neighborhood Council. None of this happened, nor has the process even started. The Oxford Triangle has not even approved a project yet, which is step one.

One should note that the Del Rey council and LUPC both hold their meetings in the building built and controlled by Thomas Safran, proposed developer of the Oxford Triangle project. Thomas Safran has invited the Oxford Triangle Association to meet with him in the same building for discussion of his building plans for the Triangle.

Safran’s building is on Culver Blvd and is one of the buildings that was built during Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s tenure. It is often referred to as Del Rey’s contribution to the homeless. Rosendahl asked Safran to take 25-35 psh into the 100-unit-plus building and Safran kindly obliged. The Oxford Triangle site is nestled within 350 single-family homes, 500 feet from the ocean, and would have an ocean view. Comparing these two projects is comparing oranges to broccoli.

From their letter:

Whereas Del Rey as a community has been one of the most supportive in Los Angeles towards permanent supportive housing however the Del Rey NC has otherwise been largely absent from the current push by City and County agencies on the ground;

While Del Rey has done its part in supporting such projects within our community, and look forward to receiving future proposals, we also believe that all our surrounding communities must do the same and provide truly local solutions of all kinds.

Venice certainly has been told to takes its part for the homeless and when one says part, one means the “burden” of all CD11 with the exception of 72 units near Bundy, which is on commercial land.  Yes, Del Rey we will give you all these projects for your backyard.

The Oxford Triangle project,  almost totally surrounded by single family homes,  would be the equivalent of placing this on one of the Mar Vista hills with a view and then move the hill 500 feet to the water.

Furthermore, Venice  has a 140-unit project that Councilman Mike Bonin has proposed for the Venice Median that they would love to give to someone.  It too is close to the ocean.

And yes, the contentious Bridge Housing is another 154-unit project planned for Venice that would fill Del Rey LUPC and neighborhood council altruistic thoughts for others.

Why didn’t Venice attend meeting and object?

City Council representative Chuy Orozco contacted the Venice Update about the LUPC meeting two hours before the meeting. Chuck Cowley did attend. The Triangle at that time had no design, no number of units.

Matthew Royce, chair of the Venice LUPC, was never notified. Ira Koslov, President of the Venice Neighborhood Council was never notified.

The Venice Update sincerely feels that the only way to settle this equitably is to give Del Rey the Thomas Safran 98-unit affordable/psh project for their area.

Comments (2)

  1. Marie Hammond

    The president of the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council supported the 4 story PSH proposed housing by VCHC at the LUPC meeting. Which is 20 ft higher than the VSP allows and has insufficient parking.
    Yet the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council rejected a 4 story project proposed for the old fire station in Mar Vista in 2008 because of mass, scope and character. Venice Blvd is probably 4 times wider than Rose Avenue.

    “The community board rejected an offer by a developer, Marianne Brown, to build a four-story mixed-use development at the site of the old Station 62. The proposed project’s size, scope and density are what concerned the council the most, said Ken Alpern, the council’s co-chair of the Planning and Land Use Committee. The committee stated:

    “We were willing to work with a developer to help create a project that would be beneficial to the community, but we do not want a mega-development,” Alpern said in an interview after the measure to reject the developer’s proposal had passed. “The size and scale of the project was just too dense.”

  2. TheTruthTeller

    This committee or that committee can approve or disapprove whatever they want but the only committee that matters is the L.A. City Council and they don’t really care what any of these Neighborhood Council committees recommend. They never have and they never will. These Neighborhood Councils have all been designed to give residents the appearance of having a say in local affairs without actually giving anybody in any of them the power to do anything other than express their First Amendment rights.

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