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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 9 November

The good news is that Harding has been beautified, Lake is still cleared, and Carter is cleared and clean.  Carter can be clean one minute and the next totally occupied.

Beautiful Harding. Neighbors worked with the senior lead office and the property owner.

One man was trying to set up his “stuff” around the corner at Harding and Naples in front of a house.

The bad news is that there is a new encampment on the 90 Freeway median. Last time there was an encampment there, a fire occurred. Fire engines and firemen are at a premium right now.

Harrison was trying to repopulate with this man and another who was parked off the sidewalk.

The park of Penmar with the tent is still there. One reader of the story on the web said the real encampment is west of the golf course. Yes it is. It looks like an alley was blocked off and next to it is a utility box that makes noise continuously.

Staples area is repopulating and the hardware store encampment across the street is growing. Neither is ADA compliant.

North Venice Blvd is growing. It now has a tent across the street and, once again, is extending east to wrap around Ocean Ave. One can tell the police have told them to keep the area ADA compliant and in some areas it is but in photo shown, it is not.

The good news for Venice Blvd is that Taylor Bazley, council representative for Venice, announced at a BID meeting that the council office was working on a beautification program for all the areas around the Farmers’ Market and it would be coming soon. That would take care of that area of North and South Venice Blvd, Ocean, and the tent would go with it. Such a good idea.

South Venice Blvd, west of Dell, encampment has grown since last week but it looks ADA compliant.

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  1. Online

    Update, there was just ANOTHER fire there, as you predicted. https://twitter.com/palms311/status/1060945840531894272?s=21

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