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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampments in Venice — An Update — 2 November

In last Venice Update it was reported that three encampments in Venice needed attention and praise was givento LAPD for four encampments that had been cleaned up.

Police explain to homeless about the Jones Settlement if they are within 10 feet of a driveway and/or are occupying the side walks between 6 am and 9 pm (Jones and LAMC 41.18(d) )or blocking the sidewalks, preventing a wheelchair to pass (ADA).

This week it is reported that Penmar Park, Lake, Staples, Harrison were free of encampments with some exceptions.

In previous Update, police were asked to give Venice Blvd, Carter, Harding encampments special attention. These sites were checked several times during the week by the Update and one could tell the police had been there.

Update on Penmar Park, Lake, Staples, Harrison
Penmar Park still has a tent on it and a couple of other people were testing the area. Harrison and Lake are still clean.

Staples is a situation. Homeless are no longer surrounding the Staples property. They have moved to the hardware store across the street and are in violation of the ADA rule that  allows wheelchairs thru on the sidewalk and people are on the site between 6 am and 9 pm.

At Hardware store across from Staples.

Venice Blvd, Harding, Carter
Harding is being handled by members of the neighborhood in cooperation with the police. They are trying to get the owner to allow planters as part of a beautification project. It is obvious the police have told the homeless they have to stay away from the construction opening gate.They move closer to Lincoln each time.They are not ADA compliant and they are there between 6 am and 9 pm and are too close to construction gate.

Harding, north side, next to Lincoln.

Carter was inhabited on the Walgreens property sidewalk. The group has now moved across the street which is adjacent to residential and the Firestone-Walker Brewing Company.

Carter is pretty compliant. There is ADA access. People are gone for the most part between 6 am and 9pm. The site grows and shrinks and sometimes expands to both sides of the street,


Venice Blvd is another story. Venice breaks all the rules including the bulking item rule of nothing over what can be put in a 60-gallon garbage bin (LAMC 56.11). There is a black couch that is clearly in violation.

Since last week, they moved around the corner to inhabit Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd and then they moved back. Now they seem to be migrating a tad from Ocean Ave westward toward residential.

Venice and the Staples group seem to be unresponsive and unreasonable, so if one had a wheelchair, he would definitely be inclined to enter the street to avoid any conflict.

North Venice Blvd just west of Ocean.

More of Venice Blvd.


Comments (4)

  1. TheV.

    Just came from Lake/Brooks @ Lincoln, actually dared to stop in and leave my car in the lot for 5 minutes (gasp!) to pick up tomatoes there for the first time in eons. Although I’ll give Ralphs/Rite-Aid an A For Effort (I think?) I wonder how long that yellow caution-tape is going to last ’til it all goes back to same ol’, same ol’…

  2. Bob Harperson

    LAPD is going to need a SWAT Team to get rid of the druggies

  3. Peter Russell

    No such luck, Penmar Park in the area west of the golf course is back to Skid Rose. As many encampments, RV’s and trash heaps as ever. Bums can’t seem to pitch a tent and keep their area clean, they have to leave piles of garbage, feces and used needles to further endear themselves to the neighbors. And Garcetti and Bonin wonder why their tender feelings got hurt at the open house over building a shelter at the bus dept. As if!

  4. Anonymous

    Residents of Venice typhus is coming very soon to Venice Beach.

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