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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

107 Cases of Typhus Reported in LA County

NBC news, channel 4, has declared 107 cases of typhus in LA County to be an epidemic of Endemic typhus. This type of typhus is caused by the flea from rats, opossums, domestic pets.

Rick Swinger, advocate for “no dumping,” getting rid of the rats, has long said this would happen. Both he and “Dr. Drew” have said that lack of sanitation and garbage buildup are forerunners of the rat who thrives on garbage. Rats carry fleas. Twelve cases of typhus have been reported in the Skid Row area. None have been reported in Venice.

To listen to NBC News broadcast.

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  1. Anonymous

    Typhus can have serious effects on the body. Typhus causes inflamed blood vessels, which in turn can cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure as well as internal bleeding. Patients who suffer from typhus may also experience kidney failure or swelling of the liver and spleen. The liberal residents of Venice who advocate for all these homeless encampments and the RV’s dumping their crap in the streets will have no one to blame but themselves when they get sick.

    • Anonymous 02

      Anonymous obviously isn’t aware that Venice residents are in revolt against Bonin and Garcetti, who are pushing the homeless into Venice. Containing the homeless in Venice with massive amounts of services and shelters and lax law enforcement. Turning Venice into the west side skid row so all the other CD11 areas with big donors can remain clean. Anonymous needs to do more reading and join Save Venice. Bonin and Garcetti are the problem, not the residents.

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