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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless man injured 3rd and Rose area on Halloween

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Police were summoned to Rose at Hampton and a homeless man was taken to the hospital Halloween day.

Two stories — police said he cut himself when trying to vandalize a vehicle.
Wallace of the Clean and Safe part of the Business Investment District said the man had a knife and took the top layer of skin off his arm. He walked down Rose Ave from 4th to Hampton (2nd) when he was asked by police to stand down. One arm was bleeding and the other hand had a knife in it. The man listened to the officer as the other squad cars arrived.

Comments (3)

  1. Rick Swinger

    This is such a common occurrence now around our residential homes. I had a walk with our LAPD SLO Kristan Delatori shortly after I took this picture. I told her of my research documents from the LAPD showing practically no enforcement of the tent camping laws for the past summer. Kristen Delatori denied this and ask me to send her the documents I received from her own LAPD IT Dept. Now that Typhus epidemic is growing corralling the homeless next to a huge warehouse that has a rat problem and not a single rat proof trash can is putting us all in a health danger zone! Wise Up and disperse this encampment for Social Distancing is a medical term that we need to apply now before its too late. As of yet no reply from our SLO Kristen.

    • john Ryan

      We’ve been having the ongoing problem of RVs on Venice between Lincoln and Venice Way where there is no RV parking except for 30″ in front of Extra Space Storage.
      We’re done with SLOs and now contacting Command Captains at Pacific. Chief Moore is great he gets on the command staff to enforce 85.02. I’ve come to believe the SLOs are useless.

  2. Venice Resident

    What’s going to happened when this guy starts carving up the residents. I hate to say I told you so.

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