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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampments at Venice Blvd, Carter, and Harding Need to Move On — 26 October

The good news is that encampments at Lake St, Harrison Ave, around Staples and at Penmar Park, with the exception of one tent, are gone. Hats off to LAPD.

The bad news is that we have these that are shown to name a few.
None of these sites are ADA compliant.  This information will be supplied to the LAPD. Of course, this article excludes the beach and 3rd.

Photograph an encampment near you and send it to VeniceUpdate@gmail.com. Or just say where it is.

On North Venice Blvd at just west of Ocean Ave.

On South Venice Blvd just west of Dell.

Carter Ave at Walgreens Drug store that is on Lincoln at Washington.


On Harding, north side, at Lincoln

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous

    They are still their smoking meth and shooting dope, doin what they do.

  2. Anonymous

    Pretty soon these bums will be ordering Dish TV service. They already get Pizza delivery and it’s paid for by the residents of Venice.

  3. reta

    Charlie, I apologize. You are doing exactly what should be done and taking the right steps. It is frustrating sometimes. I know.

  4. reta

    Charlie, could you send you name, email, and phone number via veniceupdate@gmail.com. Maybe we can get some other neighbors involved and talk to the owners of that property. Are you familiar with Stewart Oscars. He is a great wealth of information and support for getting an owner to cooperate.

  5. Charlie Torres

    We are the group of neighbors that is pushing the beautification of Harding ave.
    We have raised the money among us.
    We are coordinating at the moment with our Senior lead officer and sanitation to install asap
    We been trying for 5 months but the lack of cooperation from the owners of that empty lot has made it very hard. The field officer for Bonin is not too much help neither. We are moving forward but is been against all odds, is a few residents vs the world !! Our mentality is: if we don’t do it then who?
    When?, hopefully with in two weeks.

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