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St. Joseph Center Group Meets with Community

Members of St. Joseph Center who meet with community members. From left to right Angela Day, operations manager; Paul Rubenstein vice president of development and communications; Emily Haws, attorney from Latham & Watkins; LaCheryl Porter, chief operating officer.

St. Joseph Center, on Hampton, met with members of the community Wednesday to discuss the cleanup of the area as established by the conditions.

Two meetings per year are called for in the conditions but the first meeting was held in February of this year even though the building was finished in approximately 2013. No one had called St. Joseph or made them comply with the conditions because neighbors were not aware of the conditions. Prior to this time Rick Swinger collected money from neighbors and had a gofundme account to clean up the area.Barbara Gibson,  property owner, notified the neighborhood of the required condition and a meeting took place. This was the second meet.

Emily Haws, attorney for St. Joseph from Latham and Watkins, was the spokesperson and explained that they were only taking questions and that they would take all questions under advisement and report back, when or how was not specified. Angela Day, operations manager, said they had hired an outside contractor to clean the premises twice a day, five days a week.

Rick Swinger, self-proclaimed leader of the group and most familiar with the cleanups, said the guy had only a rake and dust pan to pick up feces and didn’t wear gloves. “This is hazardous material,” Swinger said. “When Sanitation cleans 3rd, they wear hazmat gear. Does he clean his shoes when he enters your building? We are talking about highly contagious diseases that are airborne. One incidence of feces took 6 days and several cleanings before it was cleaned sufficiently.  The sidewalks need to be pressure washed.”

Angela Day, operations manager, said that “the hired contractor does two cleanings, one at 10 am and the other at 2 pm. So feces, vomit, debris could remain from after 2 pm on Friday to at least 10 am on Monday.”

Another question pertained to the “hotline,” which according to Angela Day,  is and will remain the receptionist’s phone and is open five days a week. Messages are recordable.

The question came up regarding cleaning both sides of the street. Members of the St. Joseph group said they had been cleaning up only their side and felt they were responsible for only their side. The group felt they were responsible for both sides. Obviously, the attorney will take this under legal consideration. The question came up regarding cleaning Rose Ave. which is stated in the conditions and then it was questioned as to both sides

Condition 15 states:

Debris Removal/General Appearance.  The site shall at all times be kept clear of weeds, rubbish, and all types of litter and combustible materials.  Trash receptacles shall be located throughout the site.

The applicant shall clean up the public right-of-ways within one block of the subject center once per day when the center is open to clients.  Such clean up shall be limited to Hampton Drive from Marine Street to Rose Avenue, Third Avenue from Marine Street to Rose Avenue, Marine Street from Hampton Drive to Third Avenue, and Rose Avenue and alley from Hampton Drive to Third Avenue, and be generally limited to items such as feces, vomit, bottles, cans, paper and needles.

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  1. Anonymous

    We need to stop screwing around and file class action lawsuits. It’s the only way to be taken seriously.

    • TheV.

      Hear, hear! When being nice, being polite, being professional, neighborly, courteous, reasonable, mature adults fails– lawyer up, folks! Nuthin’ like having a Judge instruct ’em to get out their checkbooks in order to get them to do what they were supposed to be doing all along. (Oops, I said it again, heh)

  2. Venice

    These are the real bums in Venice.

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