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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

What does this mean?

Done Deal MTA Lot

This is a tweet from  Eric Garcetti to his following. It was picked up off of Nextdoor.

After four hours of listening and communicating, you really did not hear? Did you lie when Travis Binen asked you if this was a “done deal” and said “No.” Now you tweet and use the verb “will.” Was “will” the intention you wanted to convey? Or did you want to say “would have been,” “was scheduled for” … .

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  1. sea

    he should be ashamed of himself as well as Bonin, for placating us and wasting our time for their personal agenda to further their political careers, Liars!, they also told us clean ups would be enforced and that was just another lie, Someone asked me how to tell when Bonin and Garcetti are lying, their lips are moving!

  2. The Truth Teller

    I disagree Reta. As far as I’m concerned that in a system where majority rules the minority has two choices. They can either be good neighbors and jump on board OR they can shut the hell up if they have nothing positive to add to the mix. They do not have the right to gum up whatever the majority has approved with delaying tactics and other dirty tricks. It is treasonous.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, “truth teller” they voted for it as long as it was not developed in their neighborhoods – EVERY other community has rejected the notion of putting it in their neighborhoods. And why not, after all, a big chunk of the homeless population is already in Venice and the social services are already there, so suck it up Venice, the “majority” insists it is being done here. How nice. What is it now? $500K per unit? Nothing will be completed for three years and addicted people will not get housing until they clean up and get on programs. According to the LAPD, over 70% have substance abuse concerns so they will not even be able to ever get the housing that they are camping on the streets and waiting for their free apartment. So where does it leave us? Looks like a town full of addicted slackers for at least the next four years. Many Venice residents were deluded into thinking that the money would be spent all over LA and would somewhat ease the glut of street campers and people living on the beach. They voted FOR iH and HHH. No, the only people winning are St Josephs and Venice Community Housing Corp. who will profit from the construction while there will be no impact to the street population at all. But “truth teller” feels that Venice needs to be punished because, well because, just because. Why do you assume that Venice did not vote for these measures? Because they are tired of you addicted miscreants overwhelming our streets, beaches and alleys, while most other areas have little concern, except downtown.

  4. The Truth Teller

    The voters here in Los Angeles have now passed two sales taxes whose specific purpose is for housing for the homeless. Those of you who did not vote Yes on these taxes can scream and holler all you want but you are the minority in this city and your opinions are irrelevant.

    • reta

      There were two bonds that were passed by voters. Measure HHH provided for construction of housing and Measure H provided for services to help the homeless.

      • The Truth Teller

        Yep. And those of you who did not vote for these measures are in the minority here in L.A. And seeing how you are in the minority it is a little bit ridiculous for any of you to think that your opinions should be paid attention to. You are the minority. And the minority does not rule in this country. You absolutely have the right to voice your opinion but to think that anybody in government actually cares about your opinions just further demonstrates your lack of knowledge of civics and how this country works. Bottom line is that the majority rules. And that isn’t any of you.

        • Venice

          The homeless will never see dime one of that money. You must be part of the idiot majority who believes in fairy tails.

          • The Truth Teller

            And that of course is because of ignorant un-American people like you who didn’t vote for these measures but who seem to think that they have the right to decide how that money should be spent. And what all of you apparently want is for it to be spent on law enforcement instead of what the voters in L.A. here intended it for. But that’s not going to happen. The voters have spoken. And what they want is people housed. And not in jail cells.

          • reta

            Many people do not agree with you that does not mean they are unAmerican. Cool your language please. Give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions.

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