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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice BID Shows Clean, Safe Statistics for September


Clean Team data provided by Chrysalis. Safe Team data provided by Allied Universal. Activities are reported daily by Clean and Safe Team members who are employees of Chrysalis and Allied Universal, respectively. Chrysalis and Allied managers compile daily reports into a monthly summary. VB BID relies on their decades of BID expertise and reporting for the statistics we provide.

Includes noise complaints, misuse of bikes and scooters on public walkways, and public drinking/smoking/urination.

Building Trust Through Daily Outreach: As a nonprofit working for the good of our community, the VB BID cares about everyone in our district. This includes those who are experiencing homelessness. That’s why our Safe Team uses daily interactions as a way of getting to know our unhoused community members. By respectfully making contact and listening to individual stories, the team creates opportunities to help people connect with the services they may need.

Forging Community Partnerships: At the same time, our staff and service team members are engaged in building collaborative partnerships with mental health, housing, and other supportive services. Our goal is to be part of an effective network of solutions for people experiencing homelessness. As one example, our Safe Team account manager, Azucena Vela recently coordinated with multiple entities to help a vulnerable unhoused man reenter the shelter where he’d been living previously. She learned what he needed from a Safe Team member who had reached out to him during a routine community patrol.

Working for the District’s Welfare: VB BID services are on the streets of our district every day, looking out for our community’s well-being. If you see someone who needs assistance, or if you’d like to ask a question or raise a safety concern, please give us a call at 310-396-8243.

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  1. Lee,

    The BID shares your frustration with Venice Blvd. Some cans are not being serviced properly, and some have been moved (to the best if our knowledge, these are non-authorized relocations.) We are submitting 3-1-1 requests to the City for some of the issues that we cannot resolve on our own.

    But if you believe the BID is contributing to a problem rather than solving or doing our best to manage it, please call our office as soon as possible when such a situation occurs: 310.396.8243 so we can identify a more specific time and location when something is occurring. Time, date and a more specific location are the kind of information we need so that we can address any situation correctly and promptly.

    • Lee

      Thank you for your response, I have the number now and will be in contact if the trash bins aren’t emptied on Mondays. I was glad when I saw the BID cleaning crews come thru, but the trash not being removed is a big eyesore. I’ve been trying to contact a city dept. on another matter, they don’t return calls or even pick up their phone, so my condolences on trying to get something done with the city.

      • Tara


        I’m glad to report that the problem should be resolved next week. We placed a prior 3-1-1 request regarding the abandoned cans but there was an error in how the system recorded the address. We placed the request again by phone today and it should be resolved next week. In the meantime, we’ve been picking up the overflow trash until the City addresses the cans. Please don’t hesitate to report future issues to us. 310.396.8243 is best because we can ask the questions we need to solve the problem, and also get your contact info so we can loop back with you on the status of a request. You can also email us, especially if you want to furnish photos, etc. For fastest response, please send your email to both admin@venicebeachbid.com and dispatch@venicebeachbid.com

        • Lee

          Thank you Tara for looking into the situation, I was again discouraged Monday when the city didn’t empty the bin closest to me, but hadn’t had time to check the bins by the Farmer’s Market. Was very happy to notice the first bin was emptied towards the end of the week. Forgot to check the FM bins when I was at the market, but hoping they were emptied as well since I didn’t notice trash.

  2. Lee

    When are the trash cans along Venice Blvd going to be emptied? They get filled to overflowing by your crews and then they just sit there with the trash falling out. The BID office should be calling the city daily if the trash trucks aren’t emptying the bins. It’s part of being a good neighbor.

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