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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

MTA Town Hall Invitation with New Info


This letter was sent to residents of Venice who have been on Councilman Bonin’s email list. Update did not receive a copy of letter.


Comments regarding letter …

1. IT COMES WITH A COMMITMENT TO CLEAN UP ENCAMPMENTS – The Bridge Home initiative dedicates money in the 2018-19 city budget to pay for additional sanitation resources to clean up the sites of former encampments, and once the inhabitants of an encampment have moved into the nearby, new temporary shelter and the encampment has been cleaned up, the City will repurpose or redesign former encampment areas with art, landscaping, or programming to ensure the encampments do not return.

See the story regarding Mayor Garcetti being sent a letter from Legal Aid Foundation about their cleanup around the only bridge home site — El Pueblo.

2. The City of Los Angeles opened its first “Bridge Home” housing facility in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month, and recently approved a location in Hollywood. Other councilmembers are proposing locations in similar neighborhoods in San Pedro, Wilmington, Sherman Oaks, as well as additional locations throughout Los Angeles. Bridge housing is meant to benefit areas with concentrations of homelessness, and Venice has the largest concentration on the Westside. Additionally, the city is working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to open bridge housing for veterans on the VA campus.

El Pueblo opened 10 September. This week the City started to clean up former encampments and received a letter from Legal Aid Foundation. Supposedly, Hollywood has a location. The Veterans Affairs is supposed to provide a bridge home type shelter for veterans only sometime next year. Other areas are talking and identifying possibilities. But no other areas on the Westside.

3. Neighborhoods through the Westside are stepping up to end homelessness and every community in Council District 11 is home to efforts to offer alternatives to living on the street.

Not really.

4. According to the youtube presentation for Venice, the City is proposing 154 units for the MTA lot.

No comment.

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