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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LA Times Reports on El Pueblo Surrounding Enforcement of Encampments

LA Times reports on the sanitation and enforcement surrounding the El Pueblo, which is the City’s first Bridge Housing. El Pueblo opened in September.

Venetians have asked: Will there be enforcement? Will the encampments be dissolved? Will new homeless replace those who left? How far can enforcement go?

LA Times article.

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  1. Mary

    I am a single woman who moved into Venice. I counted the steps from from my door to the fence of this proposed, “bridge housing.” It was 5 STEPS from my door. What are you are you going to do to ensure my safety in my own home is secure? With only 6 patrol cars in Venice I have already encounter aggressive unwanted behaviors on my block. Now you propose to have 154 beds 5 STEPS from my home? NO. THANK YOU.

    • 2afraid2postmyname

      I sympathize with your fear. 20 years in VB, and, due to the explosion of homelessness and drugs heavily combined with the massive tension over those and gentrification, I’ve had more trouble come looking for me in the last 5 years than ever in the first 15. So, what can you do about it to ensure your safety?

      Probably the biggest thing I’ve learned as a single woman is: F**K “feeling” safe… I am going to do everything I’m legally allowed to BE safe. Five steps I’ve taken:

      1) Stay on guard. ALL THE TIME. I’m not saying to go all Michael Douglas/Falling Down paranoid, but I am ALWAYS looking all around me. If something/somebody seems “off,” don’t second-guess your instincts or give them the benefit of the doubt: cross the street, walk the other way, get into a crowd, or start running. Or all the above. But stay alert wherever you are. I had a VB transient come after me in broad daylight on Christmas Day a few years back. Doesn’t matter what time/day it is– stay alert.

      2) A cute little baby-step to have around is mini aerosol hairspray. $1.99 at Ralphs and Rite Aid, in the samples/travel-sized department (if you really want to walk through that nasty parking lot at Lake/Lincoln.) T’ain’t much, but at least it’s something you can have in your pocket or purse or car if you’re not yet comfortable with the next ideas.

      3) Much more effective (and safer for you, since it’s less likely to blow back into your own face in the breeze) is pepper gel. No longer your momma’s ye olde pepper spray, these modern pepper gels are still the same size but also have a dye which will, God forbid you have to use it, leave an assailant pretty in pink for easy police ID and hopefully halted long enough for you to get to safety.

      4) A smart-home security system. I have mine rigged so that I can leave my windows slightly open to keep air circulating in an apartment hotter than hell, but, if anybody budges those windows from the outside to try to get in, holy hell will break loose. I lost a few decibels of hearing when I accidentally tripped my own alarm when I first got the system (as most everyone does in their first month.) Definitely get window sensors for your place, and possibly a door- as well as glass-break sensor. I’m rather fond of Vivint from the Culver City Best Buy for effectiveness, price, and PAINFULLY LOUD results, but there are cheaper systems readily available as well. But get one, before you “have to, after the fact.”

      5) I’ve seen a lot of stun guns more and more on sale in stores you wouldn’t believe– even at the cash register next to Reese’s Pieces and Vogue, as if they were “last-minute impulse purchases,” lol. $15-$20 will get you a cheapy stun gun, but the problem with those is you have to be in direct contact with your assailant. How about no– the last two times I had to run from meth-heads in VB, the two dudes were about 100 lbs. bigger than me and on some crazy-ass adrenaline-level drugs. I would not want to have to get that close. As such, you might want to look into the pricier, yet much more effective, taser. And, ain’t nothing illegal about carrying one in Cali, so I’m not going to entertain any replies that I’m doing something wrong.

      I could go into another, step 6 here, but this is neither time nor place to incite an off-topic debate about our right to keep and arm bears.

      I have hair spray, pepper gel, and a taser to choose from depending on where I’m going that day; inside my house I got eardrum-breaking alarms for when I’m home or not; and if somebody still insisted on breaking through all of those while I’m sleeping, we’ve still got the 2nd Amendment on our side, nuff said.

      Address your fears by staying aware, staying alert, and get trained in your choice of self-protection so you’re not uncomfortable with it. LA is an extremely dangerous city, with VB having degenerated into one of the worst parts of town IMHO, but you CAN take several steps to be as safe as possible. Best wishes to you–

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