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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Absolutely No Drinking and Scootering


By Darryl DuFay

LA has the first DUI conviction of a very drunk scooter rider.

There have been eight scooters in the Grand Canal by the tidal gates at Washington Blvd. They are polluting the water with their electric battery and greased wheel bearings. Dead fish found under them.

Councilman Mike Bonin views electric scooters as a mechanical marvel. He’s balancing on both sides of the issue. As to enforcement, “His office said he doesn’t do enforcement. Call the LAPD.” But be aware there is a difference in responsibilities.

The West Traffic Division only deals with moving vehicles such as cars, bikes, motorcycles, and electric scooters. They do not have the resources to do any significant enforcement. If it is not moving call the Department of Transportation for related issues such as parking problems. If you encounter an accident, call the LAPD and 911 for an ambulance.

The LA City Council is working on electric scooters. They have an over weight Dept. of Transportation Report. It goes back and forth from committee to committee and right now is supposed to be moving towards completion. First thing you should look for are significant resources for ENFORCEMENT. Proven past behaviors guarantee you won’t find any.

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  1. Tito

    Since when do dead fish sink? What’s with the bullshit hyperbole?

  2. […] and dumping scooters. Most recently, eight scooters have been dumped in Venice’s Grand Canal. In a post on Venice Update, Darryl Dufay stated that the scooters have been polluting the water, noting that dead fish could […]

    • Casey

      When was the photo of limes and birds in the water together taken? Does the article imply that there are currently 8 scooters in the canal? I looked by the floodgates yesterday and the day before and only saw two limes in the water but no birds. I’ll be inspecting the canals on behalf of Bird again today so any info would be helpful.

  3. TheV.

    Last I saw, BYRD et. al. now must carry 1 (yes, one!) MIL $ in liability for its users. I hope this poor victim still has the sane mind enough now, after injuries, to sue the SH** out of Bird, Hulu, etc. “scooters.”

    SUE THEM, straight at the source!

    Start calling around. We are around to help, as best as we can.

  4. TheV.

    I’d personally love to launch each and every electric scooter off the end of the Pier (sans biohazard battery, of course.) The “naughty, naughty!” spank of basically meaningless “probation” and a $550 fine for an intoxicated hit and run means jack ****. A car being caught in a yellow-cam light will be punished more than that. If I drove my car drunk through stop signs, red lights, yammering on a cellphone, and left it parked in the middle of the sidewalk, I’d get a lot more punishment than this infestation of scooters is receiving. Time for the companies who spread these dangerous nuisances to be fined for all their operators who answer to neither pedestrian nor driver laws, and time for the (basically useless) LAPD to start raking in some much-needed money by citing and arresting scooter violators/violations the same way cars are treated.

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